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This Open Thread Doesn’t Do Holidays

I mean, how awkward do those dinner times get?

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Like most of you sweet peas, I’m sure I’ll be hanging out at the kiddie table, wondering where it all went wrong. Got a holiday horror story for the masses? Let us know below, chickies. There’s nothing sweeter than the pain that’s shared together.

By TheLadyMiss

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Hmm.. years ago my brother and I made the mistake of watching the Lord of the Rings extras, one of them a documentary about a young fan that was terminally ill. Both of us were sobbing and depressed through the rest of the Christmas dinner.

Another time I was invited for Christmas at a friend’s and made a mistake to show my culinary snob side and sharing that I *NEVER* had turkey for Christmas because my father tries to always blow us away with new things. Her mother blinked at me but luckily her father was completely unimpressed and told me that he was okay with offering me sandwich if I wanted to be blown away, but he was going to enjoy his Christmas dinner.

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