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This Open Thread Is A Grump

Oh, greetings, my sweet peas and lovely kittens, greetings to you all.

Yes, it’s a Tuesday, and you know how that all makes us feel.

A gif of a cat that kind of looks like WIlford Brimley meowing in a grumpy fashion.

A gif of a surley mustachioed cat.

But fret not — we are here to talk you down from the grump’s edge. Let us know about your crapsteaks, crapshoots, and crapdabbles, all in the name of venting some of that stress. Converse ahoy, my sweet mateys.

By TheLadyMiss

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My spine and ribs have been killing me for over a week now. It’s making it really hard to do anything but lie around in bed and feel sorry for myself. All I want to do is cook dinner for my husband, but nooooo, my back is killing me, so instead we eat fast food.

I’m so tired of this crap.

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