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This Open Thread is Starting Holiday Music Early

My store put up the holiday trees and started the 50/50 holiday music a couple weeks ago. For the first time in my life, I actually don’t mind. If I’m completely honest, I kind of like it. (I know, I know. I don’t even know who I am anymore. First Brussels sprouts and now this.)

So, let’s start the holiday season off right, by playing the only Christmas song that matters.

So, is everyone ready for the onslaught of holidays?

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Ha! My grandma is right there with you :) My mom told me last night that she’s already playing the Christmas music tv station, and that she’s becoming an expert in Christmas song trivia, because there’s a little blurb before each song. Which cracks me up. She’s 100, so you know, new hobbies are good!!!

Depends on what kind of holiday music it is. If it’s the big-band, midcentury type of music — you know, the schmaltzy kind that’s practically dripping with cheesy sentimentality — then, yes, count me out. Unfortunately, that makes up about 90% of the music played in stores this season, which is one of the many reasons I dread going shopping. Personally, I like my holiday music traditional, by which I mean pre-1900s (and, quite frankly, the older and more obscure, the better).

And BTW, speaking of holiday music, have you seen this XKCD comic?

Thanksgiving is very late this year, so I am suspending my ordinary curmudgeondom and allowing Christmas music as of now.

I did send Lowe’s a blistering email when they had holiday music blaring on OCTOBER 21. WTF?

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