This Week (so far) in News: November 27, 2013

This week, Scotland has big news, Pakistan protests drones, Katie Couric gets a new job, and racism is everywhere. 

The word of the year is selfie. (via Oxford Dictionaries)

Adam Levine is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Man alive, indeed. (via People)

Katie Couric works at Yahoo now? Yahoo should buy us. They bought every other damn thing. I even said something nice about their email service the other day. (via Yahoo)

Racism, all over the place:

The FDA would like 23andMe to stop marketing their products, because the products are inaccurate in a terribly cruel way. (via

Four adults in authority have been arrested in relation to Steubenville rape case. (via

Protesters in Pakistan have blocked a NATO supply route in opposition to continued drone attacks. (via BBC)

Scotland unveiled a plan for independence.  (via Reuters)

Lots about bots on the Daily Dot(s).

Relevant to some of our interests: John Watson’s blog is back.

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