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This Weekend Open Thread is Buying Discount Candy

The day after Halloween is where it’s at, people.

Yesterday was the day of costumes and trick-or-treating and things that go bump in the night. Today is the day of 75% off M&Ms because they have a picture of a pumpkin on the bag. That’s like Halloween for grown-ups.

Happy weekend!

By [E] Liza

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So y’all, I had an adventure today. I made a visit up to the SPCA JUST to cuddle and play with dogs and cats.

I snuggled a puppy (who was wiggly), a kitten (who purred like a classic car and snuggled into my boobs), hung out with a recovering-from-injury German shepherd (who loved that I had treats and that I kept saying “good girl Hailey, Hailey’s a good girl”), had about a dozen cats hop into my lap for affection, and had one cat (who’s blind in one eye and has fangs) all but adopt me. If I’d been able to take that kid home, he’d be next to me right now, probably thrilled beyond all logic. He followed me around that kitty room and rubbed against my legs, insisted that I pet him, and when I neglected to do so (and was within reach) he’d stretch up and rest his paws on my shoulder to remind me that he was there.

Alas, I’m still broke. But that cat.

I wish I had money for clearance candy!!!

BUT this means that candy canes will be available soon, and chocolate-covered cherries.

So, anyone have any ideas as to where a girl can get jeans in a plus-size for really, really, REALLY cheap? Like, as close to free as possible? I bought two pair of jeans two years ago and they’re both nearly completely worn through in the inner thigh area. And I am brrrrrrrrrroke. And need to wear pants when I’m in public.

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