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This Weekend Open Thread is Ready for a Break

God, is the semester over yet?

I’m thankful that this week is Thanksgiving break (see what I did there?) because it means I don’t have to travel the two hours each way to class. But I still have the end of semester assignments looming over my head, so really I’m just ready to be done.

It’s been a rough couple of months, what with my grandfather passing away and my anxiety deciding this would be a super awesome time to jump up and say hello. I haven’t had any time to pause and clear my head, so I’m really looking forward to mid-December.

But for now, I’ll just be happy for a mini-break and enjoy all the food and booze the long weekend has to offer.

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Boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the Dictor Who special at a 21+ theater (with a bar) tomorrow night, so I’m trying not to see anything abou it. His take on Who is, “I don’t get it,” but he’s still playing along.

In other news, I woke up with a wicked cold this morning and just want to lay in bed with a cup of tea and some Netflix. Totally ready for the long weekend, the next three days of work are just going to be the WORST.

Sometimes BF gets home from work, gets undressed to take a shower, and decides to stand right next to me (while I’m sitting on the couch) completely naked. Sometimes it’s kind of sexy. Other times (like now) it is just annoying, rude, and presumptuous. It would be wrong to use such an opportunity to just flick him in the balls, wouldn’t it?

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