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Down to four shows, because I dropped Coppelion. Tokyo Raven, Galilei Donna and Samurai Flamenco were all awesome this week, though. Tokyo Raven was more comedic but did have some important plot elements in it. Galilei Donna was another heavy drama episode. Samurai Flamenco was the best episode I’ve seen in a long time. Just fun to watch.

Gingitsune ep 06

Another nice episode. Yumie-Chan decides to do a welcome party for Satoru at the Saeki shrine, and of course, Makoto ends up asking if he doesn’t mind at the last minute, which is to say right before her friends arrive. It’s another Satoru-centric episode.

Satoru had a lot of walls to take down, but the girls seem to be able to get through a bit. Haru goes from totally jealous to understanding and happy in this episode, so the character progression wasn’t limited to a single character.

Tokyo Raven  ep 06

Dear god, everyone in the school, including dorm supervisors, thinks that Harutora and Natsume are a couple. Way to take the boy-love trope a bit too far… because some in-universe fans even include Touji in the equation.

Harutora wants to go shopping and Natsume totally thinks she’s being invited on a date. You aren’t helping the current issues, girl. Also, Baka-tora still hasn’t made the connection with her “dead” childhood friend. He’s a lost cause.

The misunderstanding is the whole episode; they even ended up in a “love motel” area at some point. Natsume was a real cry-baby all episode long. Too much stress I guess.

The supervisors used Temna and Kyoko to find them, because they think they are in an hotel… and they are, but it’s because they are trying to hide. This episode is full of funny comments and moments. It ends with everyone thinking that Harutora has a relationship with Kon.

We also meet up with a man missing an arm. Would he be the real familiar that belonged to Yakou?

Galilei Donna ep 06

Another punch in the guts episode, and it didn’t go the way I thought it was going to go at all. It started with some back story about Roberto (the Messier dude who likes origami).  He was born in a rich family and his daddy told him that you were supposed to share. Unfortunately, there was some sort of accident and his parents died, and when he asked for help, the homeless his father helped earlier stole some jewels from his mother and left him and his dad to die. He lost a leg in the process and was recruited by the Ani-Moon CEO.

A still image from Galilei Donna ep 06.
Anna’s face after seeing Roberto

You know, I almost believed that he was going to turn good at some point, well, until he pulled that stunt. He was trapped with the Black Ganymede (who are Robin Hood-like after this episode) in a hospital, the sisters landed there to steal meds for Hazuki, who is with fever. Black Ganymede took control of the place, but at some point the power cut and the people start complaining that it’s getting colder and they should divert the power from the second floor (where critical patients are) to the first one. Roberto simply shot each and every one of them down saying that he’s doing a favor to humanity by culling weaklings. The guy is totally warped.

Most interesting part of this episode, Anna being in cahoots with Roberto is 99% certain. She knows him, but she was totally shocked by his actions here as well. I guess she might be salvageable in the end.

Samurai Flamenco ep 06

So Samurai Flamenco has a new friend, who’s going to provide him with tools and gadgets. Yeah! The Samurai Girls are also doing rehearsals for their intro lines. I heard the cutest “Oh My God” ever here.

Mari needs a psychologist, like real bad. She’s also into cops in uniform. Poor Gotou having to play the doll, but at least he has a brain. I like Gotou, he totally saw through it and pulled the girlfriend card. Mari was sort of pissed off, though, because she was shot down! Now I hope we get to see Gotou’s mysterious girlfriend at some point.

That magazine owner guy is really annoying. He increased his bounty for the identity of Samurai Flamenco to 10 million yen and now all the town is running after Menco. All of it. The kid can’t catch a break. Although, he made a friend (who is probably a recurrent character because I think he is in the opening sequence).

Best line of this episode: “No need to fear office supplies!” See the tech guy works in an office supplies manufacturer R&D department, and Samurai’s weapons are all based on these things. Like his eraser shooter.

A still image from Samurai Flamenco ep 06.
Samurai’s new weapons

The end was totally worth it. Gotou is holding Samurai Flamenco in a wrestling move and the Samurai Girls show up.

Mari: I knew you were in love with Samumenco.
Gotou: I told you I had a girlfriend!

Now though, this show needs a real bad guy.

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