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Solid week once again, although Samurai Flamenco sort of takes a strange turn, or multiple ones, this week. Tokyo Raven advances its plot a bit, and Gingitsune was more low-key and back to funny antics after the last few depressing backstory episodes. Galilei Donna sort had a “bested by the enemy” episode this week as well.

Tokyo Raven ep 7

It has already been six months and the kids are going to have exams. Harutora is sort of panicking because he’s not good at school. The practical is cleansing a spiritual disaster, and that’s where we learn that Touji is a survivor of a spiritual disaster. The principal warned him about it because he is still fighting the effects. His doctor is also Harutora’s dad. At least this explains how they became friends.

Otomo-sensei used to be one of the 12 Generals. His nickname is “Otomo The Shadow.” I wonder why, or maybe not… he’s pretty shady. Natsume is really a monster, forcing Harutora to study all the time, even stopping him from eating (which, by the way, is a really bad way to learn anything). We also get to see Touji’s super cute little mobile disaster horns and another of the 12 generals who is just as crazy as Suzuka was. I’m starting to wonder if all the sane ones just left the organization. If you are wondering why Touji is getting pretty little horns, it’s because the practical exam turned into a disaster.

Samurai Flamenco ep 7

I just realized that this show is called Project Samumenco by its studio, which I find funny.

Now, about this episode. Looks like our heroes cleaned up the city and “villains” are a rare thing now. The police “counseling team” is even receiving thank you letters now and not complaints. Hazama is even wondering if he reached the last episode. Basically, everyone is starting to think it’s getting boring, even the magazine editor.

We have quite a few interesting things in this episode beside those philosophical debates. I guess we could call it the calm before the storm. First, Hazama’s grandpa lied to him about his parents. He told him that they died of an illness, but the truth is that they were murdered. He left that information in his Samurai Flamenco’s story, which is really more a “turning Hazama into Samurai Flamenco”  story than just a funny thing written for a kid. The story is even unfinished. But Grandpa Hazama won in the end with his lie, Hazama, unlike let’s say, Batman, isn’t fueled by revenge. In fact, he’s conflicted because his parents are like strangers to him.

The episode end with Samurai Flamenco doing a police chief of the day PR stunt in a drug bust… where our first super villain shows up: Guillotine Gorrilla. Whoever came up with the design and name needs to drop the meds.

A still image from "Samurai Flamenco" ep 7.
Stationary weapons don’t work on real monsters

The show made a +100 to its violence parameter and a super villain organization lead by a guy called King Torture revealed itself. It might all be a dream sequences or something, let’s say that the ending of the episode was a bit WTHish. Can’t wait for the next one.

Gingitsune ep 7

The cat from the first episode is still alive despite Yumi’s boyfriend being the one who takes care of it when he doesn’t like cats. He also seems to live in a Temple, a haunted templar. He’s also the only guy in the family and all his sisters (?) are into real men. Scary. Saturo was a bit O_O too (he’s a cute guy; it’s like having a bunch of piranhas around you).

Looks like the Temple has a little shrine too, dedicated to the Monkey god of Victory. It comes with prankster monkeys who have never been seen by humans before. Or seen any other heralds beside their grandpa.

They are real brats, who think that playing pranks of the bad sort makes people happy. /facepalm

Galilei Donna ep 7

Wouha, the fish (airship) don’t just fly, they can also be used as submarines. I also remove my “I want a Grande Rosso,” a singing AI is a bit annoying.

Hazuki is so “I’m a representative of justice,” she would do great in Samurai Flamenco. The girls came to the same conclusion as everyone else: the tesoro is an energy resource. Hazuki even guessed that Anna knew and they are wondering why she didn’t tell them. Anna’s answer is: “Are you ready to support the burden of saving the world?” We also learn that she works for Roberto in this episode.

Poor Anna, she’s in unrequited love with Roberto and she’s sort of stupid about what she’s doing. She’s being used by Roberto and she knows it. It’s also not hard to know that the girls ended up captured, with the Galileo trashed, because of her. Except that they don’t know yet. That’s going to be an awesome reveal…

A still from "Galilei Donna" ep 7.
There is nothing like crash landing to dry some laundry.

Kazuki saves everyone by giving him the goldfish pendant because she had enough. He was going to kill them all, but Anna sort of told him off. Funny enough, they crash landed close to one of the sketches, so I guess they have all of them now. Kazuki wasn’t exactly happy about continuing the chase, but the next one is in Japan. Hozuki was super happy about that little fact. Sometimes this show feels a bit like a tourist publicity: Come visit Japan, we are super awesome!

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