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We got some sappy moments this week, at least in Gingitsune and Galilei Donna. Coppelion introduced a new arc, Samurai Flamenco introduced a new hero and Tokyo Raven was the boys’ first time in school. Seems like all the shows are past the introduction phase now.

Coppelion ep 05

So the girls found a pregnant woman and three old men who live in a building of the JASA (think NASA). I’m wondering who the father is.

They are also attacked by the ghost of the JDF, the 1st Division. These people were the first soldiers sent into the city when the catastrophe hit and they were left behind, and now they’re attacking the survivors and Coppelion.

The president of Japan, who is an idiot (even Ibara called him that), asked the girls to take them out, but they don’t have the manpower or weapons to achieve this. So the vice president is sending the Cleaners: another team of kids with lots of weapons. I suspect that Ibara and her two other team members have high empathy, but the Cleaners, know as the Health team, do not.

Gingitsune ep 04

So the black-haired boy in the opening is a transfer shrine student or something like that. It’s Makoto’s dad’s former teacher who asked him to take the boy in his shrine. Looks like he transferred to Makoto’s school because they are a kendo powerhouse. His name is Kamio Satoru. Makoto’s indignation was awesome.

The boy came with a herald, who scouted the school and Makoto saw him, and then she stumbled into her hyperactive friend and got bombarded by questions on the transfer student. Poor kid too, not cool to be adopted and treated like you are nothing. Haru is a bit annoying though, a 80-year-old fox Herald that acts like he’s 10. Charming.

Tokyo Raven  ep 04

So Touji and Harutora made it to the Shaman school. First they were greeted by Alpha and Omega, two high level familiars who registered their aura and stuff. Harutora also had a familiar registered, but he was like, “What familiar?”

There’s nothing like school. Kyouko, one of the classmates (who is voiced by one of my favorite voice actors), can’t stand that they are joining halfway through the semester. Natsume ends up defending her position, which turns into a death glare contest that caused quite a bit of sparks. I suspect the school supports student fighting each other. Awesome. Like Harutora said: surrendered by crazies.

Kon doing a demonstration of being badass, from Tokyo Raven.
Kon doing a demonstration of being badass

As expected, Harutora is crap at school, and Natsume is a bookworm who is crazy for marks and top scores. But a spell that allows you to not sleep for a week… I want that! We also get to meet his familiar: Kon. A bit of an idiot, a killer idiot.

The episode ended with the beginning of a familiar battle. Harutora + Kon against Kyouko’s two familiars. Kyouko was all, this is a familiar battle because Harutora was wearing kendo equipment. His answer: I’m a familiar, too.

Galilei Donna ep 04

The music hint at the end of the last episode was a correct one. The girls are now going to Germany. Although, Kaa-chan is still all depressed and missing her boyfriend, and Hochii  is reciting the love poem of Galieo all the time. I’m expecting love to become a power source.

Hochii is sad that Kaa-chan is pissed off at her. I guess we have two depressed sisters now. She fell down and got grabbed by an old man. She kept hitting him in the face with her feet and was saying sorry and crying at the same time. She’s too adorable. The guy wasn’t a bad guy, though. In fact, he’s more like a poor guy who failed to save his daughter. he invented the “micro-doctor” to save her but he was too late. It also means that he gets along with Hochii well…and Kaa-chan is all “I’m not needed, am I?” Poor Kaa-chan.

Interesting fact, the suspicious lady, Anna, keeps her cellphone in one of her hair-lobes. She also is trying to find something in the ship and is paying for everything. Grande Rosso is watching her though. Yeah for holographic AI voyeur.

The girls tried to buy stuff from a nearby town, while searching for the clue. They got spotted by the Ganymede pirates and, well, lost all the purchases. Might I add that Haa-chan is quite the athletic girl, but Hochii isn’t. Ouch, that fall must have hurt, a lot. That micro-doctor was finally quite useful. The old man also had the moon sketch.

Samurai Flamenco ep 03

So, Samurai Flamenco now knows how to punch people… and avoid being hit. Improvement! But this came at the price of a really, really annoying Master, Student, Master, Student mantra.

Popularity is rated by the number of people chasing you, from Samurai Flamenco.
Popularity is rated by the number of people chasing you

OMG! Just, just OMG! So Samurai Flamenco decided to patrol one of the worst cities/districts in the area and got “captured” by what might be car thieves. It’s unsure if they were trying to break into their own car or not. These guys wanted to make good on the reward to discovering his id as well.  Then, Flamenco Girl showed up. Not hard to know who it is. That’s the singer of MMM, Maya Mari. She’s a fan of Magical Girls show, too. She’s nasty, her staff has a taser, a spiked head and she knows how to fight. Well, she fights better than Flamenco. She also knows he is Hazama. This show is turning into Kick-Ass.

I think I prefer her to Hazama. She failed her driver’s test seven times…and now she owns a pink Hummer. She also came up with a nice nickname: Samumenco, and wrote like 70 songs in a weekend. Oh, and she electrified Gotou and got a certain enjoyment from kicking men in the jewels. She also likes men in uniform. Might I add that they now have a Team Up. We are just missing a villain now.

This episode was full of awesome.

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