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Holiday Gift Guide – Because We Are All Magical Unicorns

To say we are fond of unicorns around this joint is a bit of an understatement. 

It makes sense. Unicorns are awesome and beautiful and magical, and so are my fellow P-Mag crew. I think I speak for many here by saying I need of of these things. All. Of. Them.

Excellent Advice

Black throw pillow with white writing that says "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn
image from

I know what I would choose if given the choice, and I freaking love myself. Still, being a unicorn would be better.

It’s True

photo of a black sweatshirt that says Bitch I'm Fabulous in white with a white unicorn and a rainbow
image from

Usually the look on my face gets this point across pretty well, but just in case, this shirt would help make it clear.

Helpful Tips

Photo of a book entitled How to Raise Unicorns, beige book with light blue circle in the middle with a unicorn drawing in it
image from

Proper care of one’s unicorn is incredibly important. It must not be taken for granted. This book serves as a handy guide should you run into any issues with yours.

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

photo of a black tank that says "Unicorns Are Lame" said nobody ever in white
Image from

Seriously, I am a pacifist, but if someone said unicorns were lame to me, I might have to punch them in the knee.

Sparkle and Unicorns

photo of a wraparound gold and pink ring with a unicorn head
Image from

So pretty and sparkly. I am like a magpie, so if it glitters, I want it.


profile photo of a woman with black hair wearing a unicorn horn with flowers and other decorative elements
Image from seller Idolatre

You all MUST check out this shop. While a custom unicorn is quickly rising on my list of necessities, the other items in this shop are fucking gorgeous. They have so many beautiful pieces.

Magical Baking

Photo of a unicorn shaped cookie cutter
Image from seller sweetestelle

One of these days, I will find the proper way to make sugar cookies so they don’t come out looking like blobs. When that day comes, I am going to hit this Etsy shop so fucking hard.

Wall Mounted Awesomeness

Photo of white cardboard unicorn head for mounting on the wall
Image from

I have mentioned my fascination with taxidermy, which is ethically problematic. An easy way to sidestep that? Cardboard animal heads.

When Glitter Shoots Out of My Ass

photo of a white plastic unicorn with a gold horn and rainbow mane and tail surrounded by glitter
image from

This unicorn shoots sprinkles out of its ass. Come on. I would love to use it do decorate the aforementioned sugar cookies, but I would add a little piece of dough behind the butt to make it look like the unicorn was pooping little rainbow confetti.

Please share your favorite unicorn related items/gifs/quotes in the comments. UNICORN PARTY!

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