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Holiday Gift Guide for the Host with the Most

With the holiday season comes a seemingly endless array of parties, gatherings, and events to which one may feel inclined to come bearing a gift. 

One might also find themselves staying with a friend or family member this time of year. While a bottle of booze is sufficient most of the time, here are some alternative ideas for when you are feeling a little more creative.

The Coolest Tumblers

Photo of 6 tumbler sized glasses with cassette tapes on them that people can write their names on with pen
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I found a box of mix tapes a few weekends ago and was quite bummed that I no longer have a device that will allow me to play them. These glasses bring back such fond memories of days spent crouched next to my boom box, frantically hitting play, stop, and record over and over as I tried to make the perfect playlist off the radio. Try these for any olds out there who remember making mixes the old-school way, as opposed to clicking and dragging songs to a playlist and hitting “Burn Disc.”

Badass Apron

photo of a black apron with Wonder Woman costume printed on it
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It’s a Wonder Woman apron. Do I really need to point out why this is an awesome gift? I don’t even wear aprons and I would rock the shit out of this.

The Preciousness of this Cookie Cutter is Too Much

photo of a sugar cookie in the shape of a cameo with pink frosting
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For your favorite baker out there, the one who can actually cut sugar cookies into shapes and have them come out of the oven looking as they should, as opposed to mine, which come out looking like blobs, check out this site. Tons of adorable cookie cutters and other baking accessories.

Who Doesn’t Like to Bake with Booze?

Photo of book cover of Booze Cakes with a white cake and a pina coloda in a glass
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Booze and cake. Does a more perfect combination of things exist? Besides me and Colin Firth, of course. But booze and cake is a close second.

This Mug is Fitting For So Many People in My Life

photo of a white mug that says "Shhh... there's wine in here" in black
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Perhaps I drive people to drink. I definitely wouldn’t put it past me. Regardless, this coffee mug is funny and a delightful gift for the wine drinkers in your life.

This Tea Towel is Amazeballs

photo of a white tea towel with the words "You're like totes def amaze balls" on it in purple with a drawing of a girl with a side bun
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I think the word “amazeballs” should be used much more often than it is. I am on a one-woman mission to increase its usage. It is so much more descriptive than “amazing,” don’t you think? And who wouldn’t love to be given a gift that tells them they are “totes def amazeballs?”

For the Pinterest Cook

photo of a light wood iPad stand with the word Hill laser cut into it. A bottle of booze and bowls of snacks in the background
Image from seller braggingbags

For the friend who actually cooks the countless recipe ideas on Pinterest, how about this beautiful, simple, and personalized iPad stand? I hate crouching over mine as I try to follow directions. Save somebody’s posture with just one gift!

Anybody have any interesting host gift stories, either given or received? Please share in the comments?

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I’m a big fan of Starbucks gift cards for these types of situations (especially if I know the person is a coffee/starbucks drinker). I know I like getting them because then I can splurge on a latte. Also, if you know they have a favorite manicure spot, getting them a certificate for getting their nails done is always nice.

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