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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Bestie (Lady Edition)

Sometimes your best friend is the easiest person to buy for, and sometimes they are the hardest. Being the one person you know better than almost anyone else can be a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, you know them better than they know themselves sometimes, so picking something they would love should be a piece of cake. On the other hand, you have surely been the person they ranted to about shitty gifts in the past, so you don’t want to be the person to incite that wrath. Below are some things that should have far-reaching, yet affordable appeal.

Adorable Rings

photo of two rings, one gold and one silver, with a shaped triangle in the middle on a wood background
image from

Simple enough for those who don’t wear much jewelry, but unique enough for those that love it. These would look great with jeans and a sweater or a cute little dress. How very multipurpose!

A More Fashionable Hoodie

photo of a brown haired young woman leaning against a fence holding a vitamin water wearing a cute grey hoodie
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Allegedly there comes a time when we are supposed to become adults and stop wearing hoodies. I think that is some utter bullshit because hoodies are amazing and you will pry mine off my cold dead body. This one, however, is fashionable and functional, a more grown-up type sweatshirt.

An Honest Hoodie

photo of a grey hoodie with black writing that says If I Have To Put Pants On Then No. The No is in red.
Image from

The first thing I do when I come home is strip off my bra and pants as quickly as possible. I don’t know if my husband realizes I actually dress pretty cute for work since he is asleep when I leave and I strip down and put on PJ’s before I even go find him to say hello. It is straight into comfy mode for me, and a good hoodie is required. One that professes a hatred of pants? Perfection.

And An Honest Tank

photo of a white tank top with Call Me a Bitch, I'm Still Right printed in pink
image from

I know there are problems with the word “bitch.” I don’t personally mind it as a rule, but I understand those who do. This tank, however, can appeal to both sides. There have been plenty of times in my life when someone has defaulted to calling me a bitch in an attempt to belittle me or my point. The reason I didn’t particularly mind is, like the shirt says, I was still right. And they can suck it.

I Love to Color, I Love Swoon Worthy Gents. This is Perfect.

book cover with drawings of Channing Tatum, Robert Pattinson, and Joseph Gordon Levitt entitled Color Me Swoon
Image from

I am unashamed of my love of coloring. It relaxes me and I enjoy it. There is an old school Tom Selleck page in this one that I am in desperate need of. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is tasty.

My Sentiments Exactly

Photo of a gold ring with an exclamation point, pound sign, ampersand and star in black on it
image from

There is a ring on Etsy that I really want that says “Fuck You,” but I can’t justify the cost when it isn’t really appropriate to wear that often. This ring, on the other hand, would allow one to express a similar sentiment without the actual profanity. Love.

Hella Cute Leggings

photo of a woman's legs in black boots with beige, blue, red, and black winter themed leggings
Image from

I typically fall in the “leggings are not pants” group, but these are so cute they might make me change my mind on very rare occasions. This site has a ton of different options for keeping your legs toasty.

We’ve All Had Days Like This

drawing of a girl laying on the ground in a red and white striped tee and grey pants with the word NOPE written above in red
Image from

When I have days like this, I need my bestie, and vice versa. She’s the only one who knows exactly how to make it better. This print would be a cute reminder that no matter how shitty things are, you are always there.

And Sometimes I Do Save the Best For Last

silver broken heart necklace that says "Best Fucking Friends" with two chains
image from seller iloveyardleydecember

I have been best friends with my little D for 22 years (that’s since junior high). She is my best fucking friend. She has been through the shit and the wonder with me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. Are we a bit too old for BFF necklaces? I can honestly say I do not give one teeny, tiny fuck. I’m getting this for her.

Do you and your best friend exchange gifts? Are you close together or far apart (Mine moved to NYC a few months ago and I miss the shit out of her)?

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Okay, I will fess up to thanking my pants profusely last week. I was up in our chart room looking for some files, and I squatted down over the open bottom drawer to grab something. In the process, i managed to rip a hole in the crotch of my favorite jeans on the corner of the metal cabinet. Had I been wearing something other than jeans, that would have been my labia that received the rip. So I don’t always hate pants (I thanked those pants all night for protecting my lady bits), but I do hate uncomfortable pants. If I could always be in comfy pants, I would sing their praises. But I would still bust the hoodie. =)

Pants off, Bing! I love that hoodie. I only met my bestie this year, so we’re still in our finding-out-just-how-amazing-the-other-one-is phase. Also, I have no money. So I gave her a raffle ticket :p But I’m pretty sure I’ll put a ring on it one day, because those are amazing.

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