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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Fave Feminist

There are so many bad-ass feminist gifts on the Internet. Come check out a small sample of the goodness.

I am a loud and proud feminist. I have been asking for this for the past few years, and haven’t gotten it because I think people think I am kidding. I am not. I put it on my Christmas list again this year and explicitly stated that it was what I wanted most. Then I put this gift guide together and realized I wanted all the things. Crap.

A Cat With a Legitimate Gripe

Photo of a square glass pendant with a pic of a grumpy grey fluffy cat on it with the words "Sexism make me grumpy" on it
image from seller BlackCatCreative

Found by our fantastic Hillary, these feminist cats are the shit. Fluffy fat cat, sexism makes me grumpy, too. Come sit on my lap and get some snuggles.

Inspiring Tales of Fabulous Women

book cover with a reddish tinted photo of Frida Kahlo entitled Pioneers of the Possible
Image from

A beautiful book filled with inspirational tales of kick ass women? Yes please!

So Freaking True

Blue tote bag with a gold winged heart and pink ribbons that says "girls will save the world"
Image from

I need another tote like I need a hole in the head, but how cute would my nieces be carrying their school stuff in this? It has the benefit of appealing to the princess aesthetic while making a strong statement.

Coloring Fun

yellow book cover entitled Girls Are Not Chicks with blue and pink stars
image from

“Girls are thinkers, creators, fighters, healers, and superheroes.” So says the description for this coloring book. Filled with Miss Muffet telling off the spider and princesses turning shit stereotypes on their heads, this coloring book could be an excellent gift for adults and kids alike.

Loud and Proud

photo of a silver necklace shaped like a banner that says Feminist
Image from seller ThoraFord

Love this. Want this. Am ordering this.

A New Kind Of Fairytale Book

book cover with a painting of a brunette woman wearing a blue headpiece entitled Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World
image from

Tell me this book doesn’t sound totally awesome: “Dismayed by the predominance of male protagonists in her daughters’ books, Kathleen Ragan set out to collect the stories of our forgotten heroines: courageous mothers, clever young girls, and warrior women who save villages from monsters, rule wisely over kingdoms, and outwit judges, kings, and tigers.” A must have for all youngsters, not just girls. What a fabulous way to show that not all stories about girls are about frilly little weaklings who need to be saved.

Quotable Coasters

photo of four drink coasters with various quotes on them in a fancy font on a wood table
Image from

“I drank, because I wanted to drown my sorrows, but now the damned things have learned to swim.” —Frida Kahlo. If that isn’t reason enough to buy these coasters, I don’t know what else is.

How about you all? Do you wear your feminism loud and proud, or prefer more subtlety in your life? Are you the lone feminist in your family, or do others join in? Happy shopping!

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