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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Comfort Food

I just ordered pizza…again for the third time this week. I might have a problem, well plenty of them. I just get too tired after work to cook. With my wife working later lately, it seems easier to order take out than cook a nice meal for us. I had taken fish out and was going to make rice with it. That will wait until tomorrow.

Pizza never gets old because we vary our order. Lately, we have been trying a place that makes a fantastic pesto pizza. Their normal red sauce is spicy, and we love that, too. I love pizza so much. It probably would be my last meal, a nice sausage and mushroom pizza. In fact everything can go on pizza. Give me anchovies and I will eat it. Give me pineapple and I will eat. That circle of dough is amazing. It is definitely my number 1 comfort food.

So Persephoneers, what is your favorite comfort food? Do you like a good bacon mac ‘n cheese? Do you like just a straight up grilled cheese sandwich? Jeez, it seems that everything that is comfort food has cheese. Leave me a good recipe or two for your comfort food, so that I may actually attempt to cook something.

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For take away it’s got to be my local Indian restaurant, which is tried and tested the best Indian restaurant I’ve ever eaten in. And I’ve tried quite a few. I remember bringing my boyfriend there on of our first dates and I knew we were onto a good thing when he started waxing lyrical about the vegetable pakora :) I think my first comfort food choice would be the palok paneer with peshwaree naan. In fact, I would definitely have that for dinner tonight except I have to go to my work Christmas party. Maybe tomorrow though, the idea’s been planted in my head now!

I’m very much a cheese and carbs girl when it comes to comfort food: Pizza, mac ‘n cheese, alfredo pasta, grilled cheese (with tomato soup or chicken noodle soup), and especially nachos or tortillas and cheese dip. Delicious. If there’s any way for me to end the feast with wine and/or choclate, I’m pretty much the most content person ever.

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