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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Duos

Mulder and Scully. Xena and Gabrielle. Mills and Crane. Don’t we all wish we had a dedicated partner-in-(solving)crime?

Recently, while flying from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest and back, I got to watch the pilot episode of Sleepy Hollow. There was no sound (you had to pay for sound), so I had to infer what was happening, but by the fourth time (!) I watched it, I figured I had a pretty good handle on the plot.

I have since watched every episode with sound and I love it. Which brings me to my question, who is your favorite duo, on television, in movies, in video games, or elsewhere?

By Natasha

History. Hindi cinema. Hugging cats.

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Okay I can’t say that I have an immediate opinion (springing to mind: Lucy/Susan? Lyra/Pantalaimon? Nimona/Ballister?), but I DO want to know where you watched Sleepy Hollow! I’ve been wanting to and am very very bad at finding things online to watch. It’s not on Netflix, my usual go-to, so…?

(Also, pay for sound?? That’s a thing? Weeeeird. I have a habit of watching whatever my seatmate is watching over their shoulder – I am bad at TV and as long as there is a moving screen I will be distracted by it, even if it’s something I’m profoundly uninterested in, which is a problem in bars! I blame the fact that I didn’t watch TV as a kid, so I’ve never been able to tune it out the way that everyone else is apparently able to. But my point in this overly long aside is that I also have a tendency to watch things without the sound, just not on my own seat-screen.)

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