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Lunchtime Poll: Games You’ve Created

Ever notice how once you’re an adult, “game” takes on a negative connotation? Wicked games, foolish games, it’s all fun and games until…

When I was 21, I celebrated by having a bunch of friends over to my house. Several were still under 21 or otherwise didn’t drink, so the 10, or so, of us split a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice and played games. We combined Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, and used toy dinosaurs for playing tokens.

I don’t quite remember the rules now, but we sure did laugh a lot that night.

What games have you invented?

By Natasha

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My family used to play Scrabble where the only rule was you could play any word–real or not–but if it was an imagined word, you had to give it a definition. We created ridiculous words and equally silly worlds to accompany them.

The other game that I co-created was zombie tag. You start out with one alpha zombie (“it”) who chases after everyone else. This is the only zombie who is allowed to run. If you get tagged by the alpha zombie, you turn and have to moan/shuffle like a zombie. Eventually, you have crowds of undead (who can also tag people who are still “human”), and it gets really scary to be the last human alive, especially if you play the game in the dark. Last one standing is alpha zombie for the next round.

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