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This week my family had the chance to catch a screening of Disney’s new animated movie, Frozen. It’s the perfect winter movie to take in with (or without) the kids in your life this holiday weekend.

Frozen movie posterI’ve enjoyed some of Disney’s recent hits, including Tangled and Wreck-It-Ralph, so I was hoping Frozen was going to deliver. It totally did. We popped on our 3D glasses, and were transported to a Scandinavian wonderland like one I’ve never seen before. The scenery was stunning, and of course, execution flawless. But what caught my attention was the story line. Much like Brave, this movie didn’t focus on a teenage girl finding her prince, or really even needing one. This story focuses more on the relationship between two royal sisters, Elsa (Idina Menzel of Wicked fame) and Anna (Kristen “Gossip Girl Here” Bell).

Image from "Frozen."Of course there’s a funny sidekick, because there has to be a funny sidekick. Because an eternal winter has been unleashed, the sidekick’s name is Olaf, and he’s a snowman. My kids didn’t really appreciate the music or the message as much as they appreciated that little guy. He’s got the most memorable lines, and he’s quite endearing. Twenty-four hours later, they’re still giggling about him.

As the story progresses, there are some plot twists, and it’s hard to talk about what I found to be the most interesting twist of all without spoiling the ending. BUT let me just say {small SPOILER} this: the solution to Anna’s problem is not the solution that Snow White or Sleeping Beauty found.

Image from "Frozen."

Will you, as the grown up buying the tickets, like the movie? Overall, this is a great movie for the holiday season. I am so happy the Disney has another red-haired heroine, and that she didn’t spend the movie pining over a prince. Instead, she worked on saving her sister and her town, and being a good friend. There was no underage wedding, and no wicked stepmother. There isn’t a song that stuck out to me on the first viewing, but the vocals were stunning. The soundtrack is definitely worth a listen, and probably a re-listen.

Image from "Frozen."

Will the kids in your life like this movie? Like I said, my kids really focused on Olaf. Like many Disney movies, there are some dark/scary parts that may upset young children. The snow monster is intense in a couple of parts, but none of the children in the preview we attended were scared for more than a minute. It is Disney, so it all works out in the end, which is reassuring, but not always obvious. We ended up bringing home a movie poster, which went up next to my daughter’s bed. We talked all about the movie again tonight as I tucked her in, and she asked for a red marker, so she could draw on the villain’s face. And she quoted Olaf five times. So yes, I think the kids in your life will enjoy the movie too!

Frozen is in theaters everywhere.

Disclosure: I was provided admission to this screening for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions are my own.

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Tangled in the Snow- HA!! Honestly, I’ve only seen Tangled about twice, so I didn’t draw many similarities. My kids have seen Tangled many more times, and they haven’t drawn any correlations.

My daughter was signing a song from it the other day, and they are STILL (a full week later) laughing about the snowman.

What really struck me was this was a movie about siblings and loyalty- very different from most Disney “princess” movies.

I saw one discussion that talked about how all the music was at the beginning of the movie, and there wasn’t an outstanding number toward the end, and that I agree with. I liked the music, but couldn’t tell you much about it because it was early in the story.

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