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New Show Recap: Parenthood, “All That’s Left is the Hugging” 5×10

After a short break, we find the Bravermans right where we left them, in the wake of Kristina’s loss of the mayoral election. We actually find Kristina and Adam in the kitchen, on election night, eating what would have been her victory cake. They invite Max to join in, and soon all of the stress of the election is smeared around the kitchen.

Kristina and Adam are re-entering civilian life after months of campaigning. Kristina keeps insisting that she’s fine, but when Adam invites her out to egg Bob Little’s campaign billboard, she realizes she has some steam to let off.

Drew is still contemplating his relationship with Natalie. She is happy to keep their relationship with no strings attached, but Drew isn’t so sure. When he talks to Crosby about it, Crosby points out that he and Drew are opposites. While Crosby passed through many women and then settled on one, Drew has started with one women, and needs to widen his view to many. The exchange is hilarious, and I continue to enjoy the advice the Crosby is giving to his nieces and nephews this season.

Julia and Joel are still not in a good place. Julia finds Joel sleeping on the couch, and apologizes for bothering him at work in front of his boss. He agrees to work on their relationship, and we see him being super dad one day after school with surprise make-your-own-pizza party. Julia looks at him in admiration as she always has. Sydney spills that her friend is going to have two houses soon, and Julia realizes that her friend Ed is on the brink of divorce. She goes to him, to say that they need to stop being such good friends, and ends up kissing him. She hasn’t told Joel by the end of the episode.

Sarah gets to know her neighbor, Carl, a little more intimately during a power outage. After a night together, she insists that they shouldn’t be spending time together. I’m thinking perhaps she will come around.

Parenthood 5x10 Amber and Ryan

Amber and Ryan have the most to deal with this week, after the bar fight Ryan started with the band on election day. The band is out of the studio until the drummer’s hand has healed. Crosby and Adam talk to Amber, and she assures them that she is safe in her relationship. They simply let her know that Ryan can’t come around the studio for awhile. She and Ryan have a heart to heart, Ryan and Zeek have a heart to heart, and Amber and Sarah have a heart to heart. Zeek is supportive of Ryan’s efforts, without trivializing what his behavior has meant for Amber. As they grapple with their relationship, Ryan and Amber draw their own conclusions about what to do next. Immediately after Amber gives Ryan a speech about unconditional love, Ryan tells her that he’s re-enlisted and he’ll be back in the Army soon.

The episode closes with a completely wrecked Amber knocking on Sarah’s door. Oh, Amber.



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