Pupdate: December 7, 2013

Asher is feeling pretty good! His skin hasn’t made a lot of visible improvements yet, but that’s normal for an allergy diet trial. We probably have at least 7 more weeks before we see his skin really healing. He does seem more energetic, and he acts like he feels better, so I’m still pretty happy with it. He’s been going on easier walks with his foster brothers, and we’re working on building up his stamina. He adores his allergy food, and he’s gained a few more pounds, too.

He’ll even be in the Wilmington Holiday Parade this Sunday with some other dogs who need homes. We’ll be walking with a local dog store, Unleashed, and he’ll also be featured on their Facebook page and in the store. We’re concerned that he won’t have the stamina to both walk the full route and wait out all the preliminary preparations. This means that while you’re reading this, I’m probably decorating a wagon for him to ride. It’ll be festive, with lots of lights and Christmas gear. It’s not the plan, but it’s possible he’ll get a home before his skin clears up. We’ll just have to wait and see if the right person sees him on Sunday.

A picture of a brown and white dog in a field.
Out walking in a field.
A picture of a dog with a skin condition riding in the car.
I’m not riding in the back seat!

By Laura-C

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