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This Open Thread is Wearing Cookie Pants

Today was “BAKE ALL THE COOKIES!” day. I made ricotta cookies, and chocolate marshmallow crinkle cookies (from a Williams-Sonoma mix I bought for my husband a few months ago). The house smells AMAZING. There are five or six dozen cookies cooling on my kitchen table, some to be taken to work, and some to be left at home because I would rather not make Mr. qSS cry twice this week. 

So, do you all have your cookie pants ready? Are they special? Mine are lilac flannel with sheep on them. Let’s talk cookies in the comments.

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I meant to make tiny pumpkin pies for a party tonight, but work has been exhausting this week. Seriously. I was in my bed by 7:30 every night (because even sitting in a chair was too much). I bought a few packs of cookies from the grocery store instead (they were BOGO).

ALSO, my eating all the things pants: Spectacularly comfy and they have that awesome “no elastic or actual waistband” waist. I <3 them.

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