This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny

Mercifully, there wasn’t a lot of news this week, though Reddit continues to be terrible and Pat Robertson proved once again what a moron he is. However, I’ve got a ton of good posts from elsewhere on the internet for y’all to read, on topics ranging from Gisele Bündchen’s breastfeeding controversy to progressives who still have misogynist attitudes. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

In “fuck Reddit” news, an MRA board organized a campaign to flood Occidental College’s online sexual assault reporting system with false claims. Moderators deleted some of the worst comments on the r/MensRights subreddit, but screencaps are forever and shockingly, many of the assholes thought it was hilarious to target feminists at the school. (Happy holi… ugh. ~ed.)

A Chicago-based anti-choice organization is planning “empty manger” protests outside several women’s clinics to sing carols and ask patients “Would Planned Parenthood Have Aborted Jesus?” (Mary probably could have, had she wanted to, and historically, it would have been NBD. History bomb. ~ed.)

Despite the announcement that rape charges wouldn’t be filed against FSU star quarterback Jameis Winston, his accuser isn’t going down without a fight. Her attorney is calling for an investigation into the police department’s mishandling of the investigation and redaction of key evidence that could have altered the prosecutor’s decision.

Ian Watkins, former singer of the now-defunct band Lostprophets, received a 35-year sentence on charges of child sex abuse, including the attempted rape of a baby. While he admits to many of the charges, he told a fan, “I’m going to put out a statement on the 18th just to say it was mega lolz. I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about.”

Porn filters that have been put in place by the UK’s major ISPs are having unfortunate side effects — they’re also blocking sex education websites and support pages for rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence victims.

Good news! Nine democrats have introduced a measure in the House that would end federal funding to abstinence-only sex education, since it doesn’t work and many programs spread all kinds of lies and misinformation.

Pat Robertson advised a 700 Club viewer not to let a childhood friend bring her partner over to meet the kids because that might make said kids grow up to be lesbians. Oh for fuck’s sake, “the gay” isn’t contagious!

Justin Bieber reportedly called a bikini-clad fan a “beached whale” at a hotel pool in Australia.

The Cartoon Network has reportedly cancelled several of its shows because they’re more popular with girls than boys and they’re too lazy to figure out how to market branded merchandise to girls (which assumes that girls won’t play with action figures, which just isn’t even true). There’s a petition at the link asking them to stop ignoring female viewers.

Meanwhile yet another British retailer, Marks & Spencer, has announced that they will stop marketing toys based on gender stereotypes.

Roundabout, an industry newsletter about traffic issues in New Zealand, decided to “honor” women in transportation on the cover of their most recent edition. The image they selected, though, is ridiculous and hardly reflective of actual attire worn on the job by transportation engineers.

Cover of the December 2013 issue of Roundabout, in which the cover model is a young woman wearing heavy makeup and a tank top with a lacy pink bra poking out

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To an extent, I can see the logic of porn filters, however, I think they may risk doing more harm than good. Surely more can be achieved by greater supervision of young children and greater education of older children.

I do find the M&S toys and gender news interesting, but there’s something I do find frustrating about it. I guess it’s that M&S aren’t a huge toy retailer, but they are a huge clothes retailer, and this move away from how they market toys won’t be reflected in how they market their clothes. Is there going to be an increase in unisex clothing? Somehow I suspect not.

The only thing I can maybe see with clothing is that even in toddler sizes, the boy clothing is cut bigger than the girl clothing. Lexie barely fits in some of her size 5 girl pants but her 4T boy pants are still loose on her. I imagine the disparity gets bigger as kids get older. Sizing may be different in the UK, though.

I do wish it were easier to find cute stuff that didn’t blatantly say “Daddy’s little princess” or other stupid gendered slogans, though. And I hate that it’s so much easier to find branded shirts from TV shows and movies in the boys’ section, but they frequently leave off the female characters.

I think sizing is an interesting point, but the difference in clothing and the staggering lack of choice that isn’t slogans – it’s bizarre. We often go out of our way to try and find neutral/plain clothing for the boys. One things that sticks in my mind is that we bought a fair few white/cream pieces of newborn-ish clothing for the boys; jackets and snowsuits in particular. They were absolutely plain, there wasn’t a stitch of embroidery or a hint of anything but a plain colour. Without fail, they were always categorised as “girls” clothing.

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