This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny Has Fantastic Feminist Hair

There’s a wee bit of good news mixed with the bad this week, along with a couple of year-in-reviews of 2013’s top moments in feminism and misogyny. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

Michigan has become the 24th state to ban insurance policies from covering abortions, though you can pre-purchases a separate rider (if your insurer chooses to offer such riders; they don’t have to). While Gov. Rick Snyder has vetoed similar bills in the past, the legislature found a loophole that allowed them to pass the bill without the possibility of veto. Because a lousy three fucking percent of Michigan residents signed a petition to send the bill to them.

Domestic violence charges have been dropped against George Zimmerman after his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, recanted the statement she made to police. It has been suggested that Scheibe may have been manipulated by Zimmerman or his attorney.

As noted in the comments of last week’s edition of TWiM, prosecutors have decided not to charge FSU quarterback Jameis Winston following allegations that he raped a fellow student last December. The victim went immediately to campus police, who turned the case over to the Tallahassee police force since the alleged assault happened off-campus. While DNA evidence proved that she’d had sex with Wilson, they also found her boyfriend’s DNA and didn’t find signs of trauma, which of course exonerates him or some shit.

Former San Diego mayor Bob Filner pleaded guilty to one charge of felony false imprisonment and two misdemeanor charges of battery. He avoided jail time and instead was sentenced to 90 days home confinement and three years of probation. While the court case only involved three of his victims, more than two dozen women have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment.

Apparently North Dakota State Senator Dwight Cook missed out on the GOP’s new message about not saying dumb shit about women. During a local radio station interview, he stated that he gets nervous when he finds out his wife’s been shopping because he assumes it’s going to cost him. Women just can’t stop themselves from spending all of a man’s money! Another Republican missing the point is Iowa senatorial candidate Mark Jacobs, who said that “I think you have to connect with women on an emotional level.” Because of course women can’t think about the issues!

Pantene has released a new ad in the Philippines that shows how men and women are seen differently in positions of authority. While some have praised the ad for exposing these double standards, others point out that the message is undermined because it’s being pushed by a company that’s trying to sell beauty products to women. Dove has faced similar criticism in the past for their “empowering” ads.

More bullshit from Suzanne Venker on why women should give up careers to get a man and let him take care of her.

Daily Caller writer Patrick Howley thinks it’s just super-mega not fair that men get in trouble for staring at boobs. It’s a pastime, just like skiing! (And the award for best use of author notes in a blockquote goes to Katie McDonough!)

While women aged 25-34 are much more likely to hold bachelors degrees than men the same age, they still make less money.

Mary Barra has been named the first female CEO of General Motors. Which is awesome, but it sucks that women heading big companies is so rare that it’s big news every time it happens.

Ladies, are you upset that you have to do more housework than your boyfriend or husband? It’s because you’re crazy! And men shouldn’t help out more; that would be silly! Just stop cleaning and have a filthy house. (Side note: When did the New York Times’ opinion page turn into pure clickbait? This shit is ridiculous. Not all opinions need to be published.)

Oh for fuck’s sake, women don’t need a bra that shames them for emotional eating.

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If it were a PSA there would be no produce attached at the end.
I don’t know much about Pantene but I know Dove is the same company that owns Axe. And the sexism they show in thei commercials is ridiculous. So while it may be a PSA style, no doubt are they trying to market feminism.

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