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This Winter Break Open Thread is Relaxing

It’s time for sleep, baking, knitting, and reading for pleasure.

It’s winter break, y’all! I’m done with classes, so it’s time to have some fun. Or to sleep a lot. Or both. I’ll be making some cookies, knitting like a boss, and reading things that aren’t school related.

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Remember that P-Mag will also be on vacay until January 2.

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20 replies on “This Winter Break Open Thread is Relaxing”

I just burnt my last english muffin. I guess this means I’ll be having chocolate covered pecans for breakfast.

Tonight, Mr. Nonsense and I are headed to the Midwest to see my family/celebrate Christmas/celebrate our marriage since we “eloped.” I’m so excited because snow, friends, not working for 2 weeks… it all sounds perfect right about now.

I slept all day yesterday, except for a few hours when I watched the first The Hobbit. Working three straight weeks in retail leading up to Christmas and not celebrating it equals a major crash on the 25th, because everything is closed, so what else are you going to do? I need to go grocery shopping pretty desperately, but I’m afraid that the rest of the world is off today, and I really don’t want to deal with any crowds.

ugh. I am apparently just being the biggest humbug this year. spending it with boyfriend’s family isn’t real high on the list of ways to make me cheery, especially when he’s got seemingly zero holiday spirit either – even though we’re going to his family’s instead of mine at his request!. I am honestly worried I’m going to end up crying on Christmas.

I want the “resting” part of break to start. I skipped out on the kiddo’s swimming and soccer classes yesterday, but then we were running around all afternoon doing holiday stuff. And of course my husband told me yesterday that his mom got me something really nice so since I only got her one small-ish thing plus something I crocheted (that she’s already seen), I have to scramble to figure out something else. Lord knows he won’t. And I have to go pick up some things today so I can mail out my family’s presents.

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