We try it!

We Try It: Making a Tinsel Wreath!

Whilst some people in the world were celebrating this thing called “Thanksgiving” (I hear it involves a lot of turkey and pie), this Brit was putting up Christmas decorations. To make things even better, the quest to find decorations in the depths of the house led to the discovery of hitherto unknown mountains of tinsel. Such beauty! To conquer this aforementioned mountain of tinsel would take some work and then I remembered I had been wanting more wreaths in the houseā€¦

First things first, I used:

  • Cardboard (frozen pizza boxes to the rescue!)
  • Tinsel (heaps of the damn stuff)
  • A couple of plates (one significantly bigger than the other)
  • Baubles (so many baubles, so little time)
  • Ribbon (or more tinsel!)

And now to turn it into a wreath:

Step 1: Get a big plate, turn it upside down, draw around it, then cut it out. I had the help of Little Juniper and his dragon for this part.

A plate lies upside down on a piece of cardboard.
Very technical.
A piece of cardboard with a circle drawn on it.
A circle! Huzzah!
Cardboard cut into a circle.
A proper circle!

Step 2: Draw a circle inside the cut-out circle. I drew around a smaller plate to achieve this. I didn’t get too bothered about how exact my centering was, because tinsel hides a multitude of sins.

Piece of cardboard.
Starting to get complicated.

Step 3: Cut out the aforementioned inside circle.

A donut shaped piece of cardboard.
Christmas socks are optional.

Step 4: Tinsel and baubles! TINSEL AND BAUBLES!

Tinsel and baubles.
The sight of this makes me exceedingly happy.

Step 5: Wrap the tinsel around the cardboard frame and secure the ends (I was able to tie the tinsel, but you could use tape, glue, or staples).

A blue wreath.
Almost there!

Step 6: Choose the baubles to go on the wreath.

A plate with hot pink baubles.
Such sparkly loveliness!

Step 7: Tie the baubles onto the wreath (I used the ties that came with the baubles, but you could use thread, ribbon, or string instead).

A tinsel wreath with pink baubles hangs on a door.
We have our wreath!

Step 8: Tie a piece of ribbon (or, if feeling particularly nifty, another piece of tinsel) around the top of the wreath so that the wreath can be hung up.

And the wreath is complete! We’re loving our wreaths, with all the different tinsels and baubles. I hope you enjoy yours!

By Juniper

Rarely to be found without herbal tea nearby. Team Unicorn. Often in pyjamas. Also: TEAM KATNISS!

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