Weekly Anime Review

Plot and characterization were everywhere this week, even if some of the love went to secondary characters. Well, most of the love went to secondary characters­. We also got lots of funky looking monsters in both Tokyo Raven and Samurai Flamenco.

Tokyo Raven, Ep 8

Apparently Touji and Harutora’s relationship started when Touji punched the hell out of Harutora while he was being “cured” by Harutora’s dad. And by punching the hell out of him, I mean there was lots of blood everywhere. Touji couldn’t stand Harutora. Maybe he still doesn’t.

So Touji went a bit crazy, but Harutora is just as stubborn. Of course, who would want to be friends with a hybrid that occasionally turns into a mindless killing machine? Touji’s ogre form is cool, though. We also meet the “one-armed” dude again.

A still image from Tokyo Raven ep 8.
Touji, awesome Ogre look

The disaster is ongoing, and all the Shamans are trying to stop it. Because things that get out during disaster are attracted to Yin energy, they come up with the plan of using a Natsume dragon as bait. Or maybe just Natsume because they think it’s the Yakou fanatics behind the disaster. Speaking of that fanatic, he caused the Nue to change to phase 4.

I still don’t get the fanatics. Why try to kidnap Natsume if you worship her (well, him, because they think she’s Yakou reincarnated)?

Harutora says something very weird toward the end: “I’m way too old for your youthful passions.” Is this the real Yakou here? And is he acting dumb to avoid detection? Are subbers playing tricks on watchers?

Samurai Flamenco, Ep 8

Interesting. This episode introduces more monsters, and these ones really look like robots…with crappy names: Hanging Kite, Boiling Rhino, Delta Horse, Wheel Serpent. They also blow up after one punch. Mari is a bit jealous when the monsters ignore her. The girl has public attention issues, but at least her pop band is topping the charts.

Looking at this episode, King Torture has TV network broadcasting access. I’m betting Kono is behind this. Hazama is involved in a bus hijacking by the monsters, and it’s her first meeting with Samurai Flamenco. I like her because she’s just so chill and didn’t seem to be as frightened as the other bus passengers.

A still image from Samurai Flamenco ep 8.
The Flamenco Team

Might I add that the King Torture evil monsters steal apples? Something is fishy here. Beside the first drug bust, none of the other “events” have had causalities that aren’t the “monsters.”

Also, after two months, Hazama has changed, and even Gotou’s girlfriend recognizes the shift (and we haven’t even seen her yet). Hazama is having fun blowing monsters up.

Gingitsune, Ep 8

I don’t understand the men going after Funabashi, the school president who just likes cute girls and their driver. It’s all a little creepy, but the driver is also sort of cute about it. And he’s technically her dad’s assistant, not a driver, and ten years older.

This episode was weird because it focused solely on Funabashi trying to find a tie for her dad to give as a birthday present. Basically, this is a shopping episode. Meh. Satoru wasn’t even in it.

Haru made a funny face though.

Galilei Donna, Ep 8

You know, Anna really wants to find those sketches, and just two are left. One is in Japan, as we learned in the last episode. So Anna theorizes that the sketch is in the grave of a shogun who lived during the 17th century. The traitor isn’t stupid, I’ll give her that, but she’s starting to crack (as in she’s getting attached to the kids). Although, the girls want to go to Kyoto first to see their grandpa. It seems as if Hozuki has never been there. Which might explain her attraction to the place, Hazuki probably romanticized it without end.

I am mostly impressed by the fact that they manage to repair the Galilei. Hozuki really is a female Tony Stark. The girls find a photo album of their dad. The guy seems to have done everything: scientist, heavy metal band guitar player, and cop. He apparently settled for the hippy look.

The sky pirate shows up again this week to talk to bambina (Hazuki). He says that once they get all the sketches, he is going to come and steal them…and her.

This would have been an entirely lighthearted episode if it hadn’t been for Anna getting reminded every five seconds that she is a traitor. It also had a bit more Hazuki character development.

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