Weekly Anime Review

Gingitsune was a bit boring this week, but the three other shows made it up for it. Tokyo Raven was all about fighting monsters. Galilei Donna became even more like science fiction. Finally, Samurai Flamenco continued to be awesome. Each episode is a bit more what-the-hell.

Gingitsune ep 09

Foxes like blue cheese? Really? Japan is weird sometimes.

Haru is trying to make predictions, but she doesn’t have much talent for it. Gin still likes his oranges, but Haru doesn’t understand their sentimental value.

So Haru and Gin are left alone at the shrine. Some kids show up, break some stuff by doing stupid things, and run away to avoid punishment. Haru tries to stop them, but falls down and gets lost in the city.

This was sort of a boring Haru-centric episode.

Tokyo Raven  ep 09

Pretty boy Shaman General’s motorcycle is actually a familiar. He can call it like the old cowboys called their horses. He also has a bunch of crows as familiars.

This episode had a lot of misplaced comedy, such as the motorcycle ride by Natsume and Harutora. Kon calls her name before trying to stab the Nue, but ends up snapped each and every time. At least Hokuto looks cool and the action is awesome.

The kids defeat the Nue. Natsume actually purifies it all alone. She really has knowledge and power, but lacks the “energy” and “drive” necessary to be a fighter. Touji uses a bit of his ogre power. The plan is for him to learn how to use it from now on, like Kagami the Ogre-eater.

It’s interesting to note that Kagami is totally scared of Otomoe-sensei. Douman shows up to the kids. Also, the new dude from the investigation team is actually a Yakou fanatic. Sigh, there will probably be more kidnapping next, I bet.

Also, Harutora has Hokuto right under his control, but Natsume keeps saying that she has issues with her. hmm. I’m really starting to think that people have it wrong and that Harutor is Yakou.

Galilei Donna ep 09

Anna is a double turncoat. She calls Roberto to tell him the girls will soon have the last sketch­ and she empties the Galileo fuel tank to be sure they can’t run away. Then Roberto tells her that she should stop acting and she drops the mask.

A still image from Galilei Donna ep 09.
The first Galileo, it wasn’t a goldfish

She sort of double-crosses Roberto when he decides that she should kill the kids. Instead, she tells the girls to run. That’s when the Sky Pirates show up to shoot down the Spoiler Brat ships and mecha.

And when Hochii finds herself back in time, she drops on Galileo Galilei’s own plane. See, she swapped the sand in the goldfish necklace and replaced it when Roberto gave her back the fake. It’s linked to a cloud formation that Galileo was observing back in his time.  It also appears that Galileo’s fixation on goldfish is caused by Hochii. I’m starting to think the whole show is a temporal paradox.

Also, it would have fit better if Galileo was Leonardo DaVinci…

Samurai Flamenco ep 09

The Japanese bad guys are too nice to not take the opportunity to trash the hero when his cellphone rings, they even let him answer it. Actually, the whole thing looks more and more like a superhero monster show or as if someone is trying to create a real life version of one.

The funniest part is that there are so many monsters of the week that people are losing interest; it’s now part of everyone’s daily life. It doesn’t help that nobody has died since the first incident. Well, sort of.

Mari did something stupid and Moe is totally jealous of Gotou even though he isn’t interested in Mari. The best though was Gotou getting pissed off because he has to do all the paperwork and clean up after the heroes. I’m still wondering what’s the deal with his girlfriend.

A still image from Samurai Flamenco ep 09.
Nothing like your own fanclub

Well, the theory that Konno is King Torture just went out of the window. Poor guy, the Torture monsters might have a stupid plan, but the King does like to torture people. It also appears that the monsters are tortured people now. His technology is even unknown to Earth. An Alien that loves entertainment???

King Torture also captures Mari and she doesn’t look good.

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