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We are getting close to the end of the fall season. Tokyo Raven and Samurai Flamenco are going to stay with us for the winter, but Gingitsune and Galilei Donna are leaving us. This means that this week we had “before the ending” episodes for pretty much all shows, ramping up the story and ending with a climax. Out of these, Samurai Flamenco had the best episode — definitely the best show of the season.

Gingitsune, Ep 10

After a Haru-centric episode, we have a Satoru-centric episode where he ends up going out with his Kendo team captain (boy “going out,” don’t take this the wrong way). We also learn that the girls at the school gave the nickname “Prince” to him, and that the Kengo Captain’s personality is 180 degrees from Satoru’s.

Makoto and her friends had a “what you want to be in the future” talk. It’s like so typical of girls. Especially the “Yuk, I don’t want to get married,” and Makoto has no idea of what to do.

Not sure if we are going to see the summer cleansing ceremony in the next episode, but it might end up a funny one with Makoto, Satoru and their friends.

Tokyo Raven,  Ep 10

It’s the start of the new term and the Shaman school has a new batch of freshmen. Their representative is… the crazy girl from the first few episode: Suzuka. She used her best Moe impression to make everyone love her, except for Natsume, Touji and Harutora, who all went “huh?”

Remember she is crazy
Remember she is crazy

This episode was a real torture for Harutora and Natsume. Suzuka knows that Natsume is a girl and you just know that she’s going to bring it up and up and up in a sort of misguided vengeance.

It was a funny episode, though, and we meet a third year student who is a bit strange as well. No idea who she was, but Kon was scared and she seemed to like little girls (and had horns?).

Galilei Donna, Ep 10

Well, Galileo acted a bit more like Galileo this episode, besides the falling in love with Hozuki and creating a space-time travelling device, of course. He also has Japanese candy; beats me where he found them, considering in that time period Japan was in an isolation phase and he lives in Italy.

Yeah, for preordained paradox and all the Teroso thing having been made for Hozuki. I can see her rereading that love letter all the time.

Hozuki got returned to her timeline and the sisters were arrested by Interpol finally. Two episodes left to conclude this show who is suffering from the show run.

Samurai Flamenco, Ep 10

Holy I don’t know what to think! Moe is awesome, I guess, but King Torture is a bit crazy… OK, really crazy. He likes people with beautiful spirits (Moe) and hates people with ugly spirits (Mari). Looks like he was like Hazama and grew up as a fan of superheroes, but then realized that heroes failed and that peace can only happen if everyone is evil. I did say he was crazy. He also had help with the tech, because it’s way too advanced.

See, the monsters were real people who received “surgery”; even King Torture is part robot (he added a chainsaw to his hand). Not sure where all the blood is coming from. In fact, King Torture is like Hazama and prepared himself… to be a super villain.

Chainsaw villain, always a winner.
Chainsaw villain, always a winner.

Mari’s ending song was sad. She did a “coming out,” as did Hazama. Everyone knows who they are now.

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