Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

While we were off, this writer vacationed in a winter wonderland. That didn’t stop me from reading ALL the blogs. Here’s a taste of what occupied my time over the holidays. What did you read? 

In case you’re still thinking about Christmas movies: I completely agree with Lindy West that Love Actually is kind of terrible. Jezebel

When the conclusion of a piece is that no one matters less to society than young black women, you’ll feel a little depressed. But it’s still a worthwhile read about R. Kelly, society, assault, and everything wrong with the world. Village Voice

Photographer Anna Hill noticed that fashion spreads are more advertising for Photoshop than for the products themselves, so she made mock ads for Photoshop. Huffington Post

The three best and worst moments for women’s economic status in 2013. RH Reality Check

Useful skills: How to make s’mores with a hairdryer. NPR

The truth about Linda Taylor, the original welfare queen. Slate

RookieMag did an interview with Lorde and it’s kind of awesome. RookieMag

What would you like to see the ladyblogs write about this week?

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