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Lunchtime Poll: How I Spent My Winter Break

P-Mag is back! Finding out I would be the first post of the new year felt like kind of an honor. Our winter break felt longer than it was. I think this perception is due to my work being overloaded during the holiday season. Working in the retail business is no cakewalk during the holiday season. I spent most of my work days up and down ladders, putting red signs everywhere, moving lights around, and telling customers, “Sorry we don’t have any more tree stands.” Seriously, my work got shorted on tree stands this year and everyone was sad. That was the not fun part.

The fun part included buying lots of presents for my wife. Her birthday is December 19th. So between that and Christmas, I overspent on her. I know I hit my 30s when picking out and giving the best gifts is a ton more fun than receiving. Truly, the best part though was having a holiday season where my presents I got were actually awesome. Being able to finish 2013 as myself really itself is an amazing gift.

How did you out there in P-Mag land spend your holiday break? Did you eat a lot of awesome food? Did you drink eggnog like it was going out of style? I hope none of our dear readers were taken away by the Krampus. That would give me a sad.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Even though I didn’t step outside of my apartment every day like I usually do during non-breaks, I actually worked from home a lot throughout the break. Which kind of sucked. I work at the admissions office at my university so since our campus decided to not shut down operations but still be open for business during the break, all of us employees/grad assists still had to work remotely. Aside from that, I had a lot of time to catch up on some books I’ve been putting off (The Night Circus and This is How You Lose Her), watch Netflix and do some journaling! And I was pretty much in my sweats the entire time lol. It was awesome!

Mostly crocheting and trying to keep the kiddo entertained. We took the tree down already, so now I need to figure out how to rearrange the living room to find places for all her new toys. I think I may wait until she goes back to school next week to dump everything out of the bins and boxes so that I can match everything up; right now the constituent pieces of some of her toys are scattered all over the place and it’s annoying.

I’ve always loved giving gifts and getting the right gifts that’ll make someone very happy. This year it was my sister who got lots of stuff because she’s pregnant with her first child and my first niece.

This break was actually pretty packed with my sister and BIL visiting and having to see EVERYONE! It was fun, but the introvert in me is glad to have my space back and not be constantly on the go. I miss my sister a whole bunch, but I’ll see her again when we throw her baby shower.

Also, as a sidenote: the amount of stuff to prepare for a baby is overwhelming and freaking expensive. I got stressed out looking at all the stuff and I’m not the one having a baby. Thank god for my mother.

Christmas was kind of meh, although it was fun to watch Mum try to appropriate the useful box to put things in that I bought for Dad. I mean, it even said on the top of it that it was an “XL Man Tin for old technology, dead batteries and miscellaneous bits of metal” :o)

New Year on the other hand was a lot better. A road trip up to London to see my mother-in-law, back across to Bath to get some travel jabs (taking in a couple of pints of cider and pie and mash in my favourite pub from student days {the place is unchanged!}) and then back to London for New Year’s Eve itself which I saw in playing board games and eating too much beige food with some friends. And then driving home in some of the mankiest weather I’ve driven in in a while

I’ve not quite hit my thirties, and yet my favorite part of gift exchange is picking out gifts for people and seeing how they react to them. It sounds cheesy, but it really is more fulfilling to give than to receive many times . I’m glad you could start this year as YOU.

My winter break is not quite done. I’ve mostly spent it watching entirely too much TV, more than I ever watch usually, and catching up on sleep.

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