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Lunchtime Poll: Back-to-School Preparations

For some of us that are still in school, today might be the first day of winter quarter or spring semester classes. Every term I go through the same ritual in preparation for the start of a new school term.

I LOVE the start of a new school term, don’t you? There’s that atmosphere of newness hanging in the air — between new classes, new classmates (or old classmates if you’re in a cohort like me), and NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I don’t buy an entirely brand new set of school supplies every term, but I do some restocking every other term when I realize I’ve given away half of my paper, pens, and pencils. Over the weekend I got a new, amazing planner that is a combination of a journal and schedule, bought two textbooks for my research methods class at the used bookstore, some pens and colored pencils. I’m not a visual artist but I’m recognizing more and more how much of a visual person I am therefore, I plan to color in my schedule in my organizer. It’s weird, I know. Then I spent a few hours organizing my schedule both in my google calendar and in my new planner, so that I am prepared and ready to take on the week ahead.

What do you do to prepare for a new semester or quarter? Are you an organization nerd like me, or do you engage in a final night of partying? Do you finish the last few episodes of that show you were watching throughout break on Netflix? Or do you do nothing and brace yourself for last minute preparations throughout the week?

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I can’t help stocking up on pens and notebooks this time of year. I love it!

The school I work for doesn’t follow a normal schedule, so today is actually the start of Week 4 for me. Having a break in the middle of class can be tough, because I don’t *feel* like it’s the halfway-point. Buying some school supplies at least gets me back in an academic mood.

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