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Lunchtime Poll: Bands Reunited

With the start of the new year, the music rumors have begun to fly. Every year, people begin to take bets who will play Coachella, which seems to be the reunion kick off spot. Bands that haven’t played together for years get a call from Coachella and they decide to play (or not). This year’s rumored confirmed headline reunion is none other than ATL’s finest hip hop duo, Outkast. I couldn’t be more excited. Aquemini is one of my favorite albums of all time. Stankonia and Speakerboxx/LoveBelow are mainstream hip hop masterpieces. I hope this means they will go on a full scale tour and come to Seattle.

Outkast is hardly the band reunion I want to see the most. Unfortunately, the two I do want involve necromancy and I doubt Zombie Joe Strummer and Zombie John Lennon would appreciate me raising them from the dead. Of bands that are broken up with all members still alive, Jawbreaker or Sleater-Kinney are probably the two I would most want to see.

Dear Persephoneers, who do you want to see reunited once more on stage? Do you fancy another Pink Floyd reunion? Would you like to see Kathleen Hannah return to her Bikini Kill roots? Do you want to see a real N’Sync reunion complete with Justin Timberlake perm? (No one wants the perm back., sorry JT.)

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