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Lunchtime Poll: Games You Play With Pets

My cats’ favorite game is “What are you doing? Should you be doing that?”

One of my friends has a cat that will play fetch. Another friend has birds that like to play hide-and-seek.

What games do your pets like?

A picture of a cat hiding among a pile of toys.
Alegria likes to play hide and seek sometimes.
Two cats playing with a green feather.
Big Buddy and Little Buddy like the feather thing (my mom used to call them Kitty Whompers).
A picture of a cat trying to catch the laser pointer.
Sarafina tries to catch the laser pointer.

By Natasha

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6 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Games You Play With Pets”

The alligator game. In which my dog burrows under a blanket and snaps at things she can’t see. She has near-perfect bite inhibition outside the blanket, but underneath is a little wild. Other than that, it’s fetch with something squeaky. All day every day. I’ve been too sick to walk her lately so I’ve been making her do tricks for single pieces of kibble. Whih I then throw down a dark hallway for her to find.

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