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Lunchtime Poll: Phobia Edition

I am going on vacation for a week to New Mexico as kind of a late honeymoon. We are visiting one of my wife’s mothers, which is all fine and dandy, but it is making me confront a huge phobia of mine: flying.I hate flying a lot. I hate heights a lot. So being cramped in a metal cigar full of other people is not my idea of fun. I wasn’t as scared as I am now about it until I got in a bad car accident in the early 2000s. This has given me control issues; if I cannot see what is in front of me in any moving vehicle, I get super anxious. So combine my fear of heights and my control issues and turbulence, and I am a wreck with high blood pressure. I would like to think¬†Lost may have contributed to turbulence anxiety too, mostly because the ending was horrible. They tell you how safe air travel is. I would love to believe it, if I wasn’t being jostled in my seat at 500 MPH.

Everyone has some sort of phobia. Someone out there in P-Mag land has to be afraid of the number 13 right? That is the one phobia I have never really met anyone who has, even though it is presented like a lot of people fear that number. Please be my magical 13 phobic unicorn! I know spiders and snakes and creepy crawlies are big fears, but those are run of  the mill. Anyone have any awesome phobias to mention?

By Alyson

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I suffer from nyctophobia and acrophobia, fear of the dark and heights, respectively. I’m not entirely sure where my fear of darkness comes from. But, I know my fear of heights stems from a couple of childhood incidents in which I fell over the rails of a fire escape and, once, fell out of a tree.

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