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Lunchtime Poll: School Games

We all wanted to win Heads Up Seven Up.

In elementary school, I loved hopscotch and kickball. (Those red rubber balls from gym/P.E. were the best.)

In seventh grade, my math teacher let us play UNO if we’d finished our lessons and homework. We all worked extra hard to ensure this would happen as often as possible, and all became UNO masters.

What games did you like to play in school?

By Natasha

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When I was subbing, I let the kids play mum ball. You have them all stand in a circle and catch and throw a ball to whomever they want, but they have to be totally silent. If they miss the ball or talk, they sit down. You can make the game harder as you go on, requiring the remaining players to catch and throw with one hand, put a time limit on how long they can hold the ball, etc.

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