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Lunchtime Poll: The Perils of Being a Woman on the Internet

We’ve mentioned this great piece by Amanda Hess, which outlines exactly what many women encounter online related to abuse and harassment. 

Today, I’d like to talk about the ways we’ve all encountered, either directly or indirectly, the horrible ways women can be treated on the web. I put together a poll to test my thesis, which is that the majority of us have pretty shocking stories to tell.

We’re pretty equipped to protect folks who enter stuff in our forms, but if you’d like to ensure you’ll be completely anonymous when you reply, make sure you’re logged out and use an incognito window on your browser.

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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3 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: The Perils of Being a Woman on the Internet”

The only experience of online harassment has been when I was sloppy about information and got a charming “Can’t you read, stupid bitch”. Of course, some people will single you out because of boredom, but that’s yelling against a wall and I don’t feel like it concerns me.

Okay, so maybe this will come across as a little odd, but I don’t think I can recall ever particularly being harassed online. There have been people who have said horrible things (I am ever grateful to PoM for her kind words when, despite keeping a brave face as it were in comments, I was actually in tears) but nothing that would be considered harassment.

As a mild tangent, I would also say that I can’t recall having been a recipient of harassment in the outside world, either.

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