My Top 5 Fitness Sites

A large part of the impetus behind my recent foray into strength training is the great information and inspiration I found online, so I’m returning the favour. Here are my favourite fitness sites.

Go Kaleo: Amber is behind getting the hell over cellulite, eating food, and taking up space. She’s a rock of evidence-based sense in the often faddish fitness world.

Gubernatrix: Competitive Olympic lifter and personal trainer Sally doesn’t blog often enough, but when she does, it’s well worth it: Her strength standards for women is a post I go back to time and again. She also posts regular video training tips on her business blog, Strength Ambassadors.

Fit and Feminist: Triathlete, marathoner, lifter, and pole-dancer Caitlin had me at her tagline: It takes strong women to smash the patriarchy. But there’s much more to this fantastic blog than a clever phrase: Caitlin writes powerfully about working through her fears and past trauma through fitness, as well as plain ol’ sexism in sports media and a little bit of fangirling every now and then.

Fat CrossFitter: Amy is laugh-out-loud funny with a finely honed bullshit detector. Her pithy Tumblr will have you snort-laughing and nodding vigorously at the same time.

Nerd Fitness: this site wants you to “level up your life” and has lots of  geek-friendly resources to help, like this Star-Wars themed workout. But what Steve, Staci & Co are perhaps best at is giving you tools to overcome mental and habitual barriers on your way to your fitness goals (whatever they are).  The free forum is also an awesome resource for peer-to-peer support, information, and inspiration — check out the Woot Room if you ever need a boost (you can also connect with your humble author there).

Bonus post: this takedown of dreadful ‘fitspiration’ photos is a thing of beauty.

What are your favourites?

Content note: some of the above websites discuss eating disorders, and domestic and sexual violence. They’re all feminist-friendly; none are fat-shaming, but not all are HAES-friendly. If you’re not sure if the site is for you, ask and I’ll do my best to help.

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