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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5.13, “Jump Ball”

Tonight, the fifth season of Parenthood on NBC throws everything up in air, from Camille’s dreams to Julia and Joel’s marriage. Even Drew’s roommate thinks things are getting weird.

Camille returns home from her trip with new sunglasses, new hair, and a seemingly new outlook on life. Zeek is obviously happy to see her, but she seems not at home in their home any more. Zeek takes her out for dinner, but it’s hard to say if Camille is really looking for his company or not. She spends the meal talking about her next trip, which will be in three months. She discusses her plans to work to earn the money to go to France with her painting class. Zeek is left speechless.

At Berkley, Amy is continuing her visit with Drew. She confides in him that Tufts is not where she wants to be and that she was very sad while she was there. She’s lying to her parents about where she is, and even Drew’s roommate thinks it’s getting weird. The fact that he noticed is for sure a sign. Personally, it’s very Julie/Matt from Friday Night Lights. Drew bows out on an overnight class trip and lands back in Amy’s arms.

Hank and Adam get to know each other a little bit, and Adam’s wheels start turning when he learns that Hank is interested in talking to Max’s doctor. He and Kristina have a bizarre conversation when Adam suspects that Hank is looking into an Asperger’s diagnosis for himself. They look at the fact that Hank has been married, has a daughter, and a successful business and think that maybe Max will find his place in the world, too. Adam spontaneously invites Hank to poker night, which goes downhill fast when Hank starts to fixate on the wild cards the dealer has called. Hank is frustrated by his conversation with Dr. Pelikin when he realizes that the good doctor cannot confirm or deny if Hank has Asperger’s syndrome.

A still image from "Parenthood."

The impact of her break up with Ryan has finally hit Amber, and she calls in sick to work. She takes off on a trip to seemingly nowhere, and lands drunk at her dad’s bar. After getting drunk, Amber gets upset with the man who’d been buying her drinks and leaves the bar. Seth realizes it’s Amber, and follows her outside. Amber unleashes a lot of anger at Seth, who takes it. The next day, he makes pancakes, and really listens to Amber.

Things are not getting any better in Julia’s world, where Joel has been sleeping in the trailer at work. Although Sarah reassures her that Joel wouldn’t leave over one mistake, Julia is clearly not sold. Joel continues to throw zingers in Julia’s direction and doesn’t budge an inch. After looking longingly at his sleeping children, he tells Julia he’s moving out. My heart jumps into my throat every time Joel opens his mouth, because I’m constantly surprised he’s still so, so angry. I mean, I get that he’s angry, but if he’s that angry, doesn’t that mean he still loves Julia? What’s that song line? “The opposite of love’s indifference.” Joel is clearly not indifferent.

It looks like 2014 is going to be a year of going in different directions for the Bravermans. The question is, will they go it together or alone?

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I felt so bad for Kristina when she figured out that Max might grow up to be Hank.

Also, I was highly amused that Camille thought she’d earn $300/week working part-time, because she made it sound like it would just be a few hours here and there and I can’t imagine the art studio paying her like $15/hour to putter around.

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