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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5×14, “You’ve Got Mold”

Parenthood fans knew what the main focus of “You’ve Got Mold” as they sat down to watch it this week. While the comic relief of Crosby’s homeowner problem was welcome, it did nothing to relieve the sinking feeling I felt every time Julia was on screen. Just as Camille and Zeek start to get back in sync, their adult children appear to need them more than ever.  

After getting wi-fi installed so Camille can have an Internet connection while painting outside, Zeek gets contemplative. He finally owns up to Camille that she is more important that the house or the car he is restoring. He tells her that he realizes she’s been the main compromiser in their relationship, and that he’s ready for it to be her turn. Zeek agrees to sell the house.

The man-child from a few seasons ago who lived on his houseboat has all but disappeared. This season’s Crosby is a family man, a family man who overlooked a water stain on his ceiling for a few weeks too long. As he and his family are evacuated for mold, he exhausts every avenue to avoid going home to Zeek and Camille. Jasmine, however, is quick to realize that Hotel Braverman is going to be the most economical choice, and pushes Crosby to make the call.

Sarah is ready for her big photo shoot, but Hank is a tough assistant. They go round and round about where to do the shoot, and against Hank’s better judgment, they stick with Sarah’s original on-location at the beach plan. Of course, the day goes off without a hitch, as things seem to do for Sarah when Hank is watching.

The audience also got a peek at Kristina’s next big thing as she advocates for a high school student who is incredibly similar to Max in temperament and ability. While she is sitting with the girl’s mom in a case conference, Adam is learning that Max is having a hard time not only socially, but also in his classes. As they talk about Max’s future as a high school student and his lack of appropriate options, Kristina has an idea. She could start a school for children on the Autism spectrum. I am very curious to see how this plays out.

Joel getting into his car

This episode’s main concern though, was Joel following through on his announcement that he’s moving out. We find them sitting in a counselor’s office, Julia desperate to present this as definitely a trial separation, and Joel unable to commit either way. When he comes home from work the next day, he’s struck by how well Sydney and Victor are getting along. He comments to Julia, and for the first time ever, I WANT TO SMACK PERFECT JOEL ACROSS HIS PERFECT FACE. Yes, Julia made a mistake in her relationship with Ed. But that’s not the only thing she’s been doing since quitting her job. She’s been on the parenting front lines, helping Sydney and Victor foster their relationship. He chickens out in that moment, but the next night they sit down to tell the kids. It is awful and heart wrenching and to be honest, I had to look away. After he leaves, both Sydney and Victor feign stomachaches in order to give him a call. Instead, Julia packs them up and knocks on Camille and Zeek’s door, where Crosby’s family is already enjoying a board game.

We are left on this edge of what is happening with Julia and Joel until after the Olympics. I’m not sure where this story is going to go. The Joel of past seasons would have hung on to his wife and family for dear life, and the Joel of this season seems to be letting it all go. It’s enough to make the audience wonder if there is something in his closet that he’s been keeping from Julia for a while. Only time will tell.

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That picture you used was right about when I yelled, “It’s not to late to go back inside and have make-up sex, you idiot!”

I did have to laugh at the end of the episode when Julia was in the bedroom alone and the bed was perfectly made up, throw pillows and all. Girl, your husband just left. There should be a giant pile of soggy tissues on the nightstand and a pile of extra blankets on the bed.

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