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This week’s edition is full of quick links as I’m in the middle of making lasagna for the New England portion of the family who are used to the good stuff. Wish me luck! Also, trigger warnings for rape and violence.


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India’s main opposition party, looks likely to win the most seats in the upcoming national elections.

After a tribal court ordered the gang rape of a woman as punishment for the crime of loving someone from a different ethnic group, 13 men were arrested as women’s rights activist are concerned about increasing violence against women in West Bengal.


The government and Muslim rebels have reached an agreement.


A court in Beijing has sentenced high profile dissident, Xu Zhiyong, to four years in jail for “disturbing the public order.”


A 70-year-old British national has been sentenced to death in violation of Pakistan’s blasphemy law.

It appears human trafficking is increasing in Pakistan.


Because the Afghan government has not signed a Bilateral Security Agreement, the U.S. will withdraw all troops after 2014.

According to the group Human Rights Watch, women’s rights in Afghanistan are declining as the world loses interest in the region (let that sentence sink in a bit).


The Thai government has told an anti-government opposition leader that his arrest was imminent and he should just go ahead and surrender.

North and South Korea

The South Korean government continues to rebuff North Korea’s offers for reconciliation.

Working for the North Korean government is a hard prospect for both yourself and your family as the family of a slain North Korean general has been executed.



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