Sweet Potatoes Three New Ways

I used to hate sweet potatoes. They were a funny color and not nearly as good as¬†real¬†potatoes. But I was a silly child, and have since discovered that sweet potatoes are delicious. I love to eat them baked, I love to eat them as fries. Even the dog likes some slowly dehydrated slices to chew on. Sweet potatoes are a hit in our household. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with them, just eating them baked with butter and cinnamon. Here are a three new, delicious ways to get your sweet potato fix.

All of these recipes start with a plain, baked sweet potato. You can bake them in the oven at 375 for about 60 minutes, or you can do what I do, throw them in a crockpot with about a quarter cup of water for 6 hours on low. I have a small crock that I use just for this purpose. (You can do regular potatoes this way too, just fyi.) It comes out perfectly cooked every time. Moving on!

  1. It’s a Wrap! This is so, so easy, and a great way to use leftover holiday food. Lay out a wrap and use about a quarter of your baked sweet potato as a thick spread instead of mayo. Drizzle balsamic vinaigrette over that. Add turkey, spinach, red onion, red pepper, apple or what have you. Top with lemon juice and/or some dijon mustard. This is so flavorful and delicious you’ll forget pb&j ever existed.
  2. One-Upped Fettuccine Alfredo. This was an experiment. A delicious, delicious, “What do I have in my fridge that I should really get rid of” experiment. Bring a pan of water to a boil. Add the appropriate amount of noodles. I’ve also been adding some frozen, pre-grilled chicken strips that come in a bag. (I’m notorious for not getting enough protein in my diet, and this is a quick, easy way for me to do so.) When the noodles are about 1 minute from done, throw in a handful or two of spinach. (I also don’t get enough green leafies.) Let the spinach wilt and drain the pasta. Now that your pan is empty, put in the serving size amount of jarred alfredo sauce (I’ve been using the low-fat Bertolli’s stuff so I can get my alfredo fix without eating a pound of butter at every meal. Don’t judge me.) and add 1 quarter of a peeled sweet potato and a couple shakes of ground black pepper. Mix it until it’s smooth, and then add your pasta and spinach back into the pan. It’s a different taste, for sure, but it’s oh so good. Kind of like a butternut squash pasta dish. But with sweet potatoes.
  3. Chickpea Curry and Sweet Potatoes. After using the first two recipes, you still have half a sweet potato left! This is not my recipe, but please go check it out. It’s an incredibly easy, fragrant chickpea curry ladled over a cooked, creamy sweet potato, that had me licking my bowl. And then trying to get curry off the tip of my nose. Stop laughing at me. I’m awesome. (Recipe is from Fitness Magazine. So you know, recipe is delicious, everything else they’re selling, like skinny, not so much. Click at your own risk.)

And suddenly, I’m dreaming of oatmeal or cream of wheat with sweet potato, walnuts, butter, honey and cinnamon for a delicious and experimental breakfast. Can you tell where my mind has been lately?

Go forth, fellow Persephoneers, and get your vitamin A on!

By amandamarieg

Amandamarieg is a lawyer who does not work as a lawyer. She once wrote up a plan to take over the world and turned it in as a paper for a college course. She only received an A-, because she forgot that she would need tech geeks to pull off her scheme.

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I got sweet potato (or how I know it: Kumara and confused me for ages what people were talking about for ages) from home. Or well, my mum from a neighbour, I think. Roast is still my favourite: slice up sweet potatoes, pumpkin and onions (and/or garlic) and throw it on an oven plate. Add a whole chicken and let everything become an amazing eat from the plate meal.

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