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This Open Thread Is A Frugal Gourmet

Not originally, but I do love the man.

Kittens, I’m down here in the sweet land of grits, cornbread, and other earthly delights which were basterdized by that butter-lovin numbnut who thought plantations were “adorable.” Most southerners? We don’t take too kindly to her, nor everyone screaming in horror or delight at the association of us.

So, what would I recommend instead? None other than Jeff Smith, aka, The Frugal Gourmet. Perhaps if you were a PBS fan in the ’90s, you caught the man’s show, maybe before taking a nap or having nothing else to do. But I love The Frugal Gourmet, and his dedication to good cooking.

So kittens, now that I have shared with you, whose cooking makes your life a wee bit better? Let me know below.

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I’m addicted to all of the Food Network cooking “reality” shows: Iron Chef, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Cutthroat Kitchen, Throwdown.

Just like some people like to watch horror movies and think about what they would do if they were chased by zombies or whatever, I like to watch them and think about what I’d make with those ingredients or guidelines.

I am a huge Good Eats fan, because I love to learn the why behind everything and Alton Brown takes great care to eplain food while he makes it on that show. I just pretend he’s not reputed to be a big jerk in real life.

Also, I find the act of cooking really comforting. After a really shitty day of feeling like nothing I do matters, there’s something deeply soothing about coming into my kitchen and making something hot and delicious with my own two hands. My dream is to one day teach other people to cook.

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