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This Weekend Open Thread Had a Snow Day

I got several extra days of break. Thanks, snow!

Sometimes I complain about living in the Northeast because it gets cold and gray and icy in the winter. But sometimes when it’s cold and gray and icy, it’s also stormy enough that campus closes and I don’t have to go to work or class. Which is what happened today. And since it’s winter session, I’m only working Thursday and Friday, so I basically got an extra week of break.

Let’s go snow!

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It’s just cold in central NC. Cold enough, in fact, that I saw a couple of squirrels huddled together, shivering, and whining on my way to work yesterday…And yes, I’m knitting myself a hat, finally.

Also, I’m marathoning Battlestar Galactica. I think that if there isn’t already a Fuck Yeah Doc Cottle meme, there damn well should be. Because fuck yeah, Doc Cottle. (Yes, I’m on THAT episode.)

It’s supposed to be snowpocalypse for my area this weekend. So yay, I can read and have a valid excuse to never leave my apartment. The first book I choose to buy is poorly written. Which normally isn’t a big deal to me, because it’s all about the story. I’m not the best with grammar, but this book goes beyond the stuff I normally miss. It has bizarre choppy sentences and tenses going wild. Still, I read on. Again, the story is interesting and that’s all I care about. So what got to me was the price – $8.54. Not super expensive, but when you’ve been spoiled by .99c – $2.99 books, it’s a lot. When I noticed the book was not self-published, it made sense. Anything from a publisher is usually more expensive, even on kindle. I’ve read so much self-published stuff that, at this point, I expect more from published works. I’m not saying this book doesn’t deserve its success. I guess I’m just surprised that more quality self-published stuff doesn’t get picked up by publishers.

Oh, and on the subject of self-published works… Does anyone here have some stuff they’ve posted on kindle? I like YA or urban fantasy generally, but Bryn Donovan once posted about a book she wrote titled “An Experienced Mistress,” that wasn’t either of those genres, but I purchased it and loved anyway.

So much snow! Neil and Lexie were out sledding before I even woke up this morning. Fortunately her school doesn’t reopen until Monday, because it would have been annoying to have it cancelled if we were looking forward to getting her out of the house yesterday and today. I did have to reschedule going over to Neil’s childhood best friend’s mom’s house to teach her to crochet hats, but I don’t mind doing that next week instead.

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