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This Weekend Open Thread is Avoiding Manhattan

The big game is upon us, which means there’s profit to be had.

The Super Bowl is in New Jersey, which means all the visitors (ugh, didn’t we JUST do this at Christmas) are heading across the river to whatever footsketbally things are set up in Times Square. Or, I assume it’s Times Square. That’s generally where we store the tourists.

A picture from "The Simpsons" of a sign reading "Sorry, but there's profit to be had."

Wanna guess where I won’t be this weekend?

By [E] Liza

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Superwhat? I’ll be watching the SIX NATIONS :) Sorry Juniper, but I hope your lovely team lose hardcore :)

On another note – present advice needed. Is there anything you can think of that would be an appropriate ‘get well soon/I’m thinking of you’ present for someone who’s recently had extensive dental surgery due to an accident? If I was in the same country I’d go for icecream, but I’m not so it has to be postable… any suggestions more than welcome!

I have a weird quandary… In talking to Friend A (via email) she asked if she was going to see me a Friend B’s birthday gathering in a few weeks? I have not gotten any indication that Friend B was having a birthday gathering. I was not invited. Part of me gets it: I moved 30min away south last year and Friend B moved 45min north. It would be a bit of a haul to get there, but I’ve made the effort for other gatherings and fun times, so it’s not unheard of.

It’s not like we’re back in highschool or anything: Friend B is turning 38. But I don’t know how to respond to Friend A…. Do I lie and say I’m busy that weekend and can’t make it? Or do I be honest and say I wasn’t invited and it’s no big deal? Email is rough because I don’t want Friend A reading more into the email than there is if I go the honest route.

Any thoughts from the Persephone peanut gallery?

I’d be honest and say I hadn’t heard about it. That’s what I’ve done in similar situations before and it never caused drama – either I had been invited and missed the invitation, or subsequently got one and went, or I didn’t and didn’t… there’s no good reason here to lie IMO.

I just made it back from dinner right near the Herald Square end of Super Bowl Boulevard and it is every bit as crazy as you expect. Tomorrow I have tickets to see Cinderella on Broadway, with my mom, so I’ll be right back in Midtown in the middle of it all, AND I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS.

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