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This Weekend Open Thread is Getting a Jump On Things

Wow, winter break went by fast.

Classes start back up at my school on Tuesday, and I’m trying to get ahead of my reading. Or at least, not fall too far behind too soon. Sigh. We’ll see how that goes.

A gif from Austin Powers of Dr. Evil and his henchpeople laughing evilly.

It really seems like winter break flew by this year. I was going to get so much stuff done, but really all I accomplished was watching all of Bomb Girls and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

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Yup, there isn’t a lot going on in the Juniper household this weekend – we’ve all come down the cold. BUT! This seemed like a good opportunity to bake heaps of cake. So, you know, if you don’t mind germs, we have chocolate and orange cake, and orange and ginger cake that has just come out of the oven.

It does exist and is called Peapod… There are other services too (If you live in a safeway service area, for example) but basically your computer is the grocery store, so technically naked = acceptable grocery shopping if you want? IDK, they aren’t in my area, but I have a number of friends who use them or similar services when their spoons are all gone. Makes pants on your day off un-necessary if groceries is your reason for pants.

I totally understand… I wouldn’t probably want to do my fresh produce (I’m less picky about meat unless it’s super cheap) through there unless it was explicitly for pies. Especially avacados, though I was taught to check the color under the little cap/stem-y thing instead of squeezing. bad avacados = kiiiiiinda gross.

though my brain is, of course, seeing something a little dirty in “the lady who has to squeeze the avocados” even though it’s not there.

I miss winter break. Adulting is the worst. Definitely had a “LIFE IS COMPLICATED” anxiety breakout last night. (Anxiety is like acne, right? You always know it’s under the surface and then it just comes out all at once?) My mom definitely talked me off the bridge, but it’s been ridiculously hard moving to a small town to work in a factory where I have to tell men the age of my father OR OLDER what to do and all anybody seems to care about is when I’m getting married and popping out babies. (Seriously, I get engaged ONCE A MONTH, if you believe gossip.) Trying to get involved in volunteering, etc, but it’s hard since everyone here is married and popping out babies right after college, if not before.

TL;DR: I’m having a hard time making friends because “career woman” bullshit.

UGH. I live in a small town and the people who stayed… Well. Let’s just say if I had been more popular in HS I’d have waaaaaay more honorary nieces and nephews than I do. And a number of those people are already done with their first marriages of all things… (A number of them didn’t make it to wedding day #1 but they get enough shit so I’m not going to lump them in with the rest.)

I live in a fairly large city and it’s still hard to make connections, especially because almost everyone I knew in my twenties are married and having kids. Even my friends who are significantly younger than me are starting to get hitched. I’m just a whiskey drinking spinster for life.

I have a list of things to do for my three-day weekend, and already accomplished one of them! It’s not even 8 am! (I filed my taxes. It took half an hour. I was awake at 5.)

I have a personal statement to finish/brush up, an editing project to finish (I missed two days of work this week thanks to The Plague; I wanted to recover faster AND keep my germs to myself) and a babby blanket for a friend who WAS due Monday, but they decided to induce last night because the hospital will be on holiday staffing on Monday. And I’m halfway done (with a very easy pattern, it just takes time). I think today’s plan will be the personal statement and blankie.

Greeetingz. I’ve been a long time reader/lurker of Persephone and also Jezebel, especially Groupthink, After certain controversial posts on Jezebel a year or so ago I started reading Persephone,,. And then today I read on a thread there that a lot of people who read Persephone don’t actually comment, so I decided to bite the bullet and start commenting whenever I truly wanted to!

I went to a party at a friend’s house tonight and it was very fun. We drank champagne and bourbon and I brought Triscuits and hummus and all was right with the world.

I live in LA so “winter” break feels like…the depths of New England summer. Apparently we are going to have the hottest driest winter of all time here this year?

Okay goodnight everyone!!!!

I read that thread, too. And here I am, back after a long absence without much lurking even. Posting = scary, but I will give it a shot.

I am spending Sunday on the couch watching football and building gantt charts. I have MS project with the white hot hate of something very, very white hot. I am not sure the cloud-based, google-drive compatible app I am using is going to be better. At least work-buddies can’t avoid reviewing my plan because MacOS.

For the AFC championship I am rooting for the Broncos because I think Brady is an ass, and I love to watch Manning call plays. In the NFC I am rooting for Seattle for hometown love. Anyone else watching football today?

Hey ladies & gents! I’d wandered in this land a while ago and now I’m feeling like this might be a nice spot to hunker down. I’m an Oldz who led an extreme rock n roll lifestyle for a bit longer than I should have but miraculously managed to end up financially secure and married to a guy I like most of the time.

I like TV and movies that have something to say. Good food and ways to make it. Dystopian fiction. Cats. Dogs. Videos of cats and/or dogs. Being silly at least once a day.

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