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Thursday Dance Party Open Thread

When this song came on the radio today, my coworker came out of the office and pointed up to the speaker. “Are they really playing ‘Creep’?” 

“Ummmm, yeah.” I replied. And then we started dancing. It was pretty awesome.

I wish we could have been wearing satin pajamas, though.


So, Persephoneers, how has your day been? Any moments of awesomeness?

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Part-time artist, full-time crankypants who dabbles in knitting, running, and burpees.

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Guys. I hired a personal trainer (because I know nothing about weight training and hate exercising too much to learn it through research) and I want to fire her. She’s too nice. I con her weekly. And she sends emails with things like “have a blessed week” on the end, which is FINE, but I need a swift kick in the ass half the time and I really just wan to let out a string of swear words, but she’s so NICE. Out business relationship is not working, but if I hire somebody else, I’ll still see her there, training all the elderly women to do Zumba. Dilemma.

The student fb group for the university where I work had a post this morning that was equal parts horrible and good — apparently a group of students left a friend behind in the snow because she was too drunk to keep up. The good part is that a few girls saw her and took her home with them (she slept it off on their couch). Good on them, especially since it was in the single digits overnight — and this girl needs new friends.

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