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Wednesday Puzzle: Categories

Normally, when my week comes up for the puzzle, I’ll do a logic problem or hidden pictures, the latter of which is at least partially an excuse to fire up my Sims game and see how many polygons I can fit on the screen before my graphics card shuts down. 

My trusty desktop computer, Clom, is on hiatus, as I blew up yet another bargain monitor. This means no logic puzzle, because my ancient laptop doesn’t have a word processor, and no hidden pictures, because this li’l machine gets tetchy if I run a browser and solitaire at the same time. It would create a black hole right here on my desk if I tried to run The Sims.  So! Enough about my whiny computer problems. Let’s have some low-tech, no-extraneous-software fun. Categories!

For those who never played this while passing notes in junior high, the idea is really simple. For each letter in our target word, UNICORN (obviously), come up with a word that fits each of the following five categories.

  • An adverb.
  • What you’d name your pet unicorn.
  • Your wizard and/or porn name.
  • An ice cream flavor.
  • A place.

So, for example, my answers for the letter “U” might be unlikely, Ulysses, Undergrundle Avenger, unflavored and Utah.

I trust you all to have me howling with laughter at your responses.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

2 replies on “Wednesday Puzzle: Categories”

Ooh, my sister and I used to play the shit out of Scattergories!

Adverbs: Unerringly, Noisily, Icily, Cautiously, Obviously, Ridiculously, Naughtily
Pet Unicorns: Umberto, Nigel, Isidore, Cuddles, Oscar, Ranger, Nora
Porn/Wizard Names: (I couldn’t think of any funny enough to cop to)
Ice Creams: Uncle Biden*, Neapolitan, Imagine Whirled Peace, Cookie dough, Oreo, Red velvet, Nut swirl
Places: Uganda, Nigeria, Iceland, California, Oman, Rangiroa, NYC

*Ben & Jerry’s – Call me!

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