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Winter holidays are over and the last episode of the fall season has played. Gingitsune has left us for good, but both Tokyo Raven and Samurai Flamenco are going to be part of the winter season.

Gingitsune ep 11

So Gin and Tatsuo like a Ronin-era TV show, even if the same things happen every episode. Makoto is still agonizing over her future and she wants to know what her mom was like — she doesn’t remember her much.

Makoto and Satoru are cleaning up the shrine for the cleansing ceremony, but Makoto wonders where her dad is because he’s running late. Even Yumi and Funabashi show up to help, but they ditched their last two classes to do so. Bad girls.

Tatsuo’s friend is rather something. He also suggests that Funabashi is Tatsuo’s lover, which means that she has a red face all day long. The ex-priest is a bit of a pervert, too. We also learn that Tatsuo’s family owns a local brewery and that he was supposed to inherit it, but he married a priestess instead.

Gingitsune ep 12

Japanese Shinto ceremonies seem strange to the Western viewer. Actions like writing your name on a piece of paper and rubbing it on yourself to clean impurities and walking in eight through a wreath can feel weird if you know nothing about it. The chanting also feels foreign.

A still image from "Gingitsune"
I’m not sure how that thing can clean impurities…

This was an interesting last episode for an interesting slice-of-life show.

Tokyo Raven ep 11

Sakura is a Pisces,which is the most random fact this episode presented. She also has really creepy gigantic dolls and still abuses Harutora and Natsume with her blackmail.

She goes so far as to check their room, but Natsume really didn’t want her to check her closet. She even summons Hokuto (who blows up a part of the building because she’s too big) and uses Kon as a projectile.

It seems like using Kon as projectile wasn’t a good idea because she can’t dematerialize anymore, which cause a ton of issues, including an inability to protect Lord Harutora. Dear god, are the students stupid though. They can’t even recognize a coat.

As you can see, this was a rather stupid episode, although it was entertaining.

Tokyo Raven ep 12

The kids are going to a training camp. Harutora and Natsume are happy because this means no Suzuka. Everyone else in the bus looks gloomy. Of course, Suzuka totally made the trip, just in another bus.

Touji scares Suzuka off in order to team up with Natsume, Kyouko, Temna, and Harutora. It turns out that his Ogre is apparently the same one that her father used when he did his terrorist act 2 years ago. Looks like the team up was mostly a strategic meeting that allowed Ootome sensei and the cat of the school principal to eavesdrop. Looks like the teacher and principal are plotting something and not necessarily working together. There is apparently a way to find who is the real Yakou: His old coat called the Raven’s wing.

The coat is said to be in the Shamanic bureau, but what’s actually there is apparently a replica. The real one is in the school. I’m starting to think that some people know more than they let on. Especially that old cat.

Kyouko and Suzuka seems to make awesome friends now. Bouahahah, poor Suzuka, she has found her match. In the end, Bakatora finally connects the dots and realizes that Hokuto was Natsume.

Galilei Donna ep 11

So, the girls were arrested and brought back to Toscana. The town is having a cold snap and the energy reserves have been cut by 40%. The jail is pretty cold, especially with the open barred window.

Somebody is helping the sisters and they get their 6 sketches to look at while in jail. Galileo Tesoro ends up being construction plans for Hozuki. Can I facepalm now? Wait, now I need to facepalm. The International fugitive is because the sisters were accused of stealing methane hydrate from Anymoon. Really? Besides, Hazuki, they are under-aged.

Well, mom saves the day. Roberto kills his daddy after he is arrested (Sylvia played the amnesia card to copy all of Francesco’s computer files to show how much of a crook he is) and the Ferrari family is reunited.

We actually never learn what the Tesoro is…Yep, this was the last episode and this show seriously lacked time to make something compelling in the end.

Samurai Flamenco ep 11


This episode starts exactly after the last one, but with an added enemy: From Beyond. It even coms with a retro trailer, including the monsters of the week. I guess he’s a classy alien enemy. Yep, this show just turned Heroes against Evil Aliens. It appear that it has been like that for a while, because King Torture was helped by them.

We also learn that Kaname (Red Axes) is actually working for an organization that fights Evil Aliens. It also turns into Super Sentai with the Flamengers. The organization is called Country-Secret Organization Agency (CSOA). They already have been infiltrated, so I guess security isn’t that high.

A still image from "Samurai Flamenco"
The show really became a Sentai now.

Lol, they recruited leaders only, so everyone is a Flamen Red. Of course, Hazama ends up as the final Flamen Red. And this being a Super Sentai thing, they get vehicles, but unlike the Power Rangers, there is no theme (bird, hawk, falcon, elephant and snake).

The Flamengers theme song was cool, but still that was a bigger leap than when the Gorilla showed up. It is still really funny, though.

Winter Season

This is a short write-up on the Winter shows I might watch. They technically start this week. It seems to be a mecha season again. Sunrise has Buddy Complex, which seems like a classic Sunrise mecha show, so it might be good…or totally crap. Nobunaga the Fool seems like a totally crazy mecha show, it’s like medieval mecha with Joan of Arc, Leornado da Vinci, etc. The new Sailor Moon is supposed to show up, too, and I will watch the first episode just because. There is also an “X-men” sort of show called Hamatora and the much awaited Space Dandy. Despite all the new stuff, I’m not expecting too much from the winter shows.

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