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New year, new shows. Funnily enough, I’m watching two shows based on Oda Nobunaga’s life, sort of: Nobunago the Fool and Nobunagun. This winter season seems to be a bit of a crazy-mecha season as well. We have magic, sci-fi, genetics, reincarnation and time travel this season. Hamatora is like the odd show out, and now Sailor Moon because it was moved to somewhere in the future. I also didn’t bother with a few shows I mentioned last week because after reading comments, I knew wasn’t going to like them.

Tokyo Raven ep 13

“Do you know what the heart of magic is?”
“The answer is lies.” ~ Yakou

Nice way of starting the second half of this show. Especially with Harutora having issues with Hokuto being Natsume. Like, big issues.

Kyoko is still all into Suzuka, which is really funny. Temna is having a bit of a depression though because he feels inadequate to be a shaman. We did learn a few interesting things about him, like the fact that his parents standardized familiars and made them accessible to everyone.

So Douman decides to go take the Raven Coat. He’s kind of cool though, because he announces it publicly to the Agency (where everyone thinks the coat is). It’s also interesting because Kyoko’s dad might have been the person who hid the coat and put a replica there. He’s the boss of the Shaman agency.

Douman does one thing in style: he spawned lots and lots of overpowered armored spiders. Harutora is even reacting to his presence.

Samurai Flamenco ep 12

Well, having a full team of leaders sure makes thing complicated. Everyone has an opinion and makes decisions, and nobody really care about Hasama. There is also an opening for the Yellow Ranger too, so we will probably get a sixth ranger at some point.

So Hasama is now a big celebrity because he is a hero, and his manager, Ishara, isn’t all angry about it. Sort of weird. Hasama seems to have remembered that he was alone before, so he went to see his buddy Goto. Apparently, Mari is MIA, which makes Moe all depressed. Hasama also offered the Yellow Ranger spot to Goto, but he refused. I’m starting to think that Mari is going to take it. Oh dear.

Speaking of Mari, she’s living in Goto’s closet. I suspect every day is an “avoid getting groped by the teenage girl” day. Poor Goto, I wonder what his girlfriend thinks.

They even made a reality show about the Flamengers. We saw them take down the last kings, but I must admit the “deluxe parts” of their robots were really, really stupid. Although, now I wonder where this is going, the Four Kings of From Beyond have been defeated. The next bad guys are the 64 War Gods. WTH!

Buddy Complex ep 1 (watch at Funimation)

The opening could not be more of a tribute to Gundam Seed.

So the main character, Aoba, is making his schoolmate Hina totally nervous. So nervous that it’s actually funny. What is less funny is that she’s hiding a really big mecha. There are also weird things around, like a dude that come from the future in a mecha who just wants to kill Aoba. We also had the demonstration that using a big mecha to kill a single human doesn’t work so well.

If you didn’t understand, the show starts with a temporal paradox, but it’s like the end of the paradox… or the start. It’s always hard to tell. So Hina came back in the past to save Aoba because he told her that the other dude was going to come to kill him and he was send back to the future… to piss off Dio, I guess, so he goes back in the past to kill him. Charming.

The “nice coupling” was a bit much though, especially when it seems that Aoba + Hina is the show couple… not the two dudes. Although, Dio could pass for a girl.

Now I’m going to watch episode two to try understand what the hell is going on. I get a Gundam Seed vibe out of this, might be good…or terrible; Sunrise, you know.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 1 (watch at Crunchyroll)

The story of Oda Nobunaga version 1.

Leonardo Da Vinci and Jeanna Kaguya D'Arc
Leonardo Da Vinci and Jeanna Kaguya D’Arc

Take Esclafowne, mix in some Aquarion, sci-fi, legends, tarot and real life historical figure and you get this show. Well, sort of. The show is a retelling of Oda Nobunaga’s war of conquest to unify Japan mixed with super-craziness, reincarnations and mecha. The world isn’t Japan either, but two stars.

You also end up with a weird mix like Jeanne Kaguya d’Arc. Blond hair does fit the Japanese myth of the moon princess (Kaguya) at least. Leonardo Da Vinci being a reincarnated Merlin? He does serve King Arthur. Magellan looking more like a pirate and flying a spaceship.  This Jeanne does hear voices, so there is that. She’s also the reincarnated lover of Oda Nobunaga (who was a guy).

Need to watch more, but the first episode was interesting. It had a certain “older anime” feel to it.

Hamatora ep 1 (watch at Crunchyroll)

This show is weird. It has weird art, weird direction but great characters and the story wasn’t too bad. The show follows Hamatora, a group of minimum holders that act as private investigators and bodyguards.

I like the little tiger
I like the little tiger

Weird case though. An old man kept a safe and never told anyone the number for it. He was suffering from sleepwalking (well, talking in his sleep) and a bunch of teenage girls (yes he slept with teenage girls) ended up learning what it was. His kid didn’t really take the news well, but his “nanny” was the best: I have a school girl uniform and can wear it anytime you want. So creepy.

The show isn’t going to be all about random investigations, there is actually a minimum holder serial killers. Could end up really interesting. I like it right now.

Nobunagun ep 01 (watch at Crunchyroll and Funimation)

The story of Oda Nobunaga version 2, or the other Nobu-show of the season, because I don’t think this one is about conquering anything.  It’s also another show with an “old school” art style, strange color palette and a weird direction.

It’s really different from the previous Nobu show though. Here we have a schoolgirl main character who has weird dreams as Oda Nobunaga. She’s also a gun freak, loves tanks and military stuff. Her bedroom walls is colored with camo. Her name is Ogura Sio and she’s a bit of a reject at school (I’m not surprised).

The show starts with the main character doing a school trip to Taiwan. I can attest that Taiwan airport customs are that; I’ve been there like five times. Taiwan gets attacked by a big monster, you know how these thing work, right? Although, I’m sure nobody expected Sio to be totally crazy.

This show also has a weird composition of historical personalities. Like Jack the Ripper, Gandhi and Newton. It also has a weird enemy that makes me think of From Beyond in Samurai Flamenco.

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