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There are lots of fights this week, some drama, and more of “what the hell is going on?” That’s the best way to summarize this week’s anime.

Tokyo Raven ep 14

Interesting: the school principal was a priestess who hung out with Yakou as a kid. I remember her saying she met Yakou, but not that she hung out with him. It looks like Douman has had encounters with Yakou, and there is even a Tsuchimikado ritual altar on top of the school.

The OP spiders aren’t that OP; it looks like they aren’t armored. I guess that if you make a cheap fake you can have lots and lots of them around. Douman, though, is quite powerful, but Otomo-Sensei isn’t that bad. It was an interesting match.

Douman wanted Yakou’s Raven’s cloak for his familiar, who wants to be called a disciple. That person is the weird girl who likes little girls seen in previous episode: Suzu.

I’m not sure where the show is going after this, but I doubt Douman is dead.

Samurai Flamenco ep 13

Just as I expected, a bunch of War Gods are taken off-screen and the Flamengers learn that there are 2056 Generals after them. The Green Rangers theorize that there are 65 536 members to the organizations. I’m surprised by the computing joke. It’s going to take them more than 300 years to take them all out.

You know that’s not going to happen. They also have to work hard to come up with the monster’s name. Domestic Violence #1? What kind of name is that? Hazama is even having nightmares about it.

The writing read: Domestic Violence #1.
The writing read: Domestic Violence #1.

From Beyond is starting an all-out attack and the Japanese president decides that he and some others will evacuate before announcing it to the population. He also gives the Flamengers the possibility to leave early with five others. The conditions weren’t well received.

Hazama finds seven people he wants to “save,” but he can’t even tell Goto about it. He also sees Mari naked when he shows up unannounced at Goto’s place. She tells him to go to hell. The show ends with Hazama breaking the deal with the Prime Minister. He makes a TV appearance in order to tell people that they should escape.

Hazama receives the National Hero award.

Buddy Complex ep 2

It looks like I made a mistake. I though that Dio was the dude that came back in time during the first episode. He’s not. That dude is called Bizon and he is from the “enemy” Zoglia faction. Dio is a member of the Confederation of Freedom Treaty or something like that.

Aoba isn’t the brightest light in the lot, is he? He can’t even follow simple orders. The use of English here is weird. Apparently, this show is based on a game in which the two main characters are male and female, but they changed the genders to two males for the anime because of the market. I cannot imagine what first proposal and coupling end up looking like.

There is heavy Gundam Seed influence in this episode, even if the story isn’t similar. Aoba is going to go crazy once he learns that Hina is in the enemy faction. He’s also considered a “problem” and not a “savior.” Well, there is the fact that he cannot pilot a mecha at all, and that is what the “coupling” is for. It allows a pilot to link with a rookie to make him fly like a pro.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 2

Dang, Nobu sure knows how to use an Armor. He made short work of the ones dispatched by Magellan to get Leonardo and Jeanne back. Speaking of Leo, his tuba thing is annoying, but his use of Italian and French is cool.

He’s also a bit crazy or something because he calls his armor the Vittorial Absolute Mark Dieci (aka Victory Absolute Mk II). Nobu gives it the name of The Fool (in Engrish). Da Vinci makes mecha and uses tarot cards to predict stuff. My brain does not compute.

Man, the choice of historical figures is weird. Julius Caesar (who is so a Char wannabe), Brutus, Gupta, and Hannibal (who is a woman). They are all part of the round table under King Arthur. In a way, the names are just picked for interest because they could have named them anything.

The Fool!
The Fool!

The Monkey is a pervert. Although, I like that they are making a joke of Jeanne’s over-sized rack.

From the shots in this episode, I have the impression that the Star of the West is artificial. I’m not sure what this means regarding the Savior-King and dragons. Da Vinci is trying to find the truth of the world, so there might be something unnatural at work here.

OK, Nobu, how is Jeanne supposed to look like a guy exactly? And you want her to be called Ranmaru — she’s a reincarnated Ranmaru already. The ending was a bit strange because it was suggesting that Nobu and his younger sister are lovers, but going with history Jeanne/Ranmaru and Nobu should be the lovers.

Hamatora ep 2

So Nice and his partner end up investigating a teacher discretion case. Nice enrolls as a student (and he’s sort of a genius or was really good at school). They go with Sato Nice and Tanaka Murasaki. Those are apparently really funny names, because Birthday didn’t stop laughing.

Well, that didn’t take long. The missing teacher was a minimum holder. He was killed and his brain taken by the serial minimum holder killer. We also learn that minimum holder can be graduates of the Faculta Academy. The only way to get minimum factor without being born with it is by getting a “brain transplant.” It’s not hard to see where this is going.

The teacher was quite the asshole. See, he was the leader of a bunch of bullies who he sort of framed to get more popular and feel good about himself or something like that.

This was a really good episode. I’m really liking this show.

Nobunagun ep 02

Nobunagun wants to have a fair fight with monsters. Samurai *sigh*.

So Isaac Newton is a girl, demonstrating that this is another show that likes historical gender-bending. The organization seen a bit in the last episode is called Dogoo (Defense Organization aGainst Outer Objects). The weird entity that took Nobunagu’s blood for reincarnation in the first episode looks like a Dogū. Someone did a clever pun, I think. The outer objects seems to be fishes. E.T. fishes who landed on Earth ten years ago and just learned to walk (the show even references Pacific Rim without naming it).

Cool, Sio is a strategy nut, so is Nobunagun, but three guns might be a bit much. Her “normal self” is a bit loser though, but I love the way the show presents all the self-doubt and how crazy the whole thing is. It’s sort of refreshing, or maybe it’s refreshing because the main character is a girl.

This show’s direction and presentation is so “artistic,” which is the best way to put it. This and Hamatora are sort of going outside of the “realistic” presentation.

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