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Chocolate of the Day: What’s Your Favorite? (With Gifs!)

It’s chocolate month here at Persephone, so we want to know what your favorite kind is! Are you perfectly happy with some good, old-fashioned milk chocolate? Do you need to know the exact percentage of cacao in your dark chocolate? Or do you not care so long as it gets in your face?

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Gif switching rapidly between different pictures of chocolates
Yes, please!
Gif from I Love Lucy of Lucy stuffing chocolates down her shirt
Gif of Taylor Momsen saying, "Chocolate is happiness"
Yes it is!
Gif from Grownups of a little girl saying, "I want to get chocolate wasted."
Me too, kid!
Gif from Seinfeld of Elaine pouring chocolate syrup directly into a container of ice cream
Works for me!
Gif from The Mindy Project of Mindy pointing to a chocolate fountain and saying, "This is amazing. People love this."
Yes they do!
Gif of a song from SNL: "I eat so much chocolate, my blood type is Nutella"
Gif from Day of the Locust of Karen Black saying, "You wouldn't believe how I am about chocolate."
No, you wouldn’t!
Gif from the Simpsons of Homer watching chocolate bunnies go by
Gif of a woman pouring colored sprinkles onto a chocolate covered banana.

All gifs via Giphy.

By [E] Hillary

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